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Chips and fine weather April 23, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Poetry & Humor.

Another wee tale of “chips” to warm the heart. Tis very seldom that I frequent the local grease bin chipper. Its fare is about as tasty as the underside of a wheelie bin on a warm day but nevertheless, the other night the need arose to get something quick to eat. Suffice to say I had employment related dinner disrupting punctuality issues …

In I go to the thronged chipper and order what I thought was the least damaging thing on the menu and happened to comment to the cashier that they were very busy this evening …

“Jaysis yizzer fierce busy tonight – run off yer feet ye are !” says I

“I know boy !”, says yer one “That’s the fine weather for you ! They all want chips !”

And so it was written that fine weather causes the little known NCQ gene (NeedChipsQuick) in Irish people to go stone mad !

Fine weather, no rain for weeks, plentiful supply of chips – sure what more do ya want ?



1. Minge - April 23, 2007

Come to Anstruther for chips! They are the best in Scotland!

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