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College shootings in the US April 17, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

I’m just aghast at the latest spate of shootings at Virginia Tech college in the US. I feel sick to my stomach at the thoughts of 33+ people lying dead because of the ravings of some lunatic whom the government saw fit to allow to arm himself with bucket loads of ammunition and a high powered rifle.

I also heard one of the survivors being interviewed who claimed that if more of the regular students had guns themselves, this guy wouldn’t have killed so many people. Therein lies the warped problem with the US gun laws. More guns don’t make it more safe. More guns make it more likely that an idiot will get hold of one, have a row with his girlfriend and murder 33 people because well, he felt like it. Freedom and fucking democracy man !

A couple of points – can people really lose it like that guy did yesterday and go completely out of their mind ? I think the capability to murder someone and live with himself must’ve been innate in him ? or have I just defined the thought pattern of a psychopath ?

My other question – how long more before gun laws are changed or even looked at ? I know that it’s part of the US constitution that every man has a right to bear arms, but hundreds of years after it was written, that makes about as much sense in my opinion as a campaign to arm bears !



1. Knightfall - April 17, 2007

I agree with everything you say, but just to add something. I don’t think that it is as random as we are being led to believe. One report says that there were 2 hours between shootings. Another says that he had lots and lots of ammunition. Sounds more calculated than spontaneous to me. Just a thought.

2. Rambling Man - April 17, 2007

true – he probably went to walmart to stock up on the ammo !

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