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Drive Time radio April 13, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

The only time I get to listen to the radio is during the morning and evening rush hour. From about 8.15am to 9 and again from half 4-ish to 5 I tune in as I sit in slow moving traffic.  I must say I quite enjoy it but the selection I’ll listen to differs depending on what mood I’m in and how I think the various presenters are doing.

In the mornings, the choice isn’t as good. I always miss GiftGrub on Radio Ireland Today FM, and so flick between Newstalk 106 and as my father would say, Radd-io Erin.  My current favourite is Clare Byrne and Ger Gilroy on Newstalk, who despite their newness to the drive time slot always have some interesting things to say.  RTE Radio 1 is good for the facts and does a nice report on sports after the half 8 news, but can be terribly boring, sombre and formal.  There’s nothing to wake you up of a morning like the full steam ahead interviews and piss takes that Newstalk sometimes do.

“Of an evenin’ “, I tend to flick between all 3 main stations.  Since 5-7 live went off the air (complete with presenter who made mouth noises !), usually Matt Cooper or good old George Hook will get most of my attention.  George isn’t afraid to speak his mind and won’t pander to his guests if he doesn’t agree with them.  Matt Cooper on the other hand is hit and miss – he can be very interruptive but if he sets his mind to tearing strips off someone he can do it very well …

Just my thoughts …



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