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Trouble with Sky April 4, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Did any of you, my loyal and faithful readers (all 3 of them!) ever have trouble with your Sky digi box TV system ?  Ours has been playing up for the past week or so, crackling, jumping and coming in and out of signal.

The most I get from Sky (after holding for ages) is “Hows the weather ?” as that can effect the signal.  The weather’s fine, for once !   They can dispatch an engineer for €100 who charges me whether or not he finds the fault … but what happens if he doesn’t find the fault ?  “Oh you’ll just have to get a replacement dish” (even though your engineer might not ascertain that it’s the dish at fault ?)  I’ll say nothing about the fact that it’s an extra €25 because the dish is on the chimney stack and not level with the 2nd floor.  And “you being in the Republic of Aye-land”, it’ll take 3 weeks (instead of something like 3 days) to get a replacement dish if needed.  Outer Mongolia syndrome strikes again …

I await the Sky man’s arrival with semi-baited breath – I’m missing the cricket and the bloody Champion’s League !



1. laurie - April 4, 2007

i don’t understand how irish tv works. you have to pay for tv? i mean, we pay for cable or satellite if we want it, but basic tv is free. but i think i read somewhere that in ireland you have to pay some kind of license fee to have any tv at all. is that right? (we pay $57 a month for cable because we like watching baseball. but without baseball we probably wouldn’t get cable because there’s mostly just crap on there.)

2. Rambling Man - April 4, 2007

yeah you’re right – RTE is the national TV station and has 2 channels. Your licence fee of €150 a year goes to them, even if you don’t watch those channels, don’t recieve them or never heard of them – its a stealth tax – once you own a TV set you must pay €150 a year to them.

i subscribe to cable so i pay per month for that on top (500 channels) – something similar to your price with sports and movies and stuff. i even get live nascar and rodeo ! but you get jail time if you dont pay the robbers in RTE – i wouldn’t mind if the channels were any good – they show re-runs of 80s sit coms and bad 90s movies …

3. laurie - April 5, 2007

on the other hand, RTE radio is brilliant. i listen to their documentary podcasts all the time. maybe i should send them $150….

4. (un)relaxeddad - April 5, 2007

Well, I did read that digital signals in the UK are kept at deliberately low level so as not to interfere with terrestrial signals.

5. Rambling Man - April 5, 2007

i cant even get a low level signal – except on sky news, which is perfect

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