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U2charist anyone ? April 2, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

I have just heard that there is a type of church service now being celebrated called the U2charist ! Does anyone know anything about it ? I think it’s an attempt to get in touch with “the yoot of today” (those dastardly yoots) whereby the service uses the music and words of U2 songs as their medium. It’s a big thing in the Americas and is now starting to catch on over here …

I can only imagine what the service must be like – not being the biggest U2 fan in the world. Do a Google search for ‘U2charist’ and you get back all sorts of results in different languages … it seems other countries and their religious establishment are more open to happy clappy, streets not having names, trees named after bible characters sort of a deal. I couldn’t imagine Gertie Murphy and Sister Mary-Peter (who lead the rosary at the local !) getting down to the vibes of a U2 filled First Friday mass. Can anyone go to these services or is it only for people who still haven’t found what they’re looking for ? (sorry !)

I’m not even too sure whether the whole U2charist thing is happening in catholic circles or whether it’s other Christian denominations ? Does the Pope approve and bearing in mind, now that Hell is back on the agenda, could the U2 fans be getting in trouble with the Big Lad for singing “Stuck in a Moment” at church ? And the new Pope’s hell is not just any old theoretical, pedantic or ‘separate from God’ kind of hell – it’s a big, burning, fiery, never-ending bottomless pit of roastin’ hot agonising misery …. you’ve been warned all you U2charistites !

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1. laurie - April 2, 2007

i’ve never heard of this, though i have to admit the name is rather clever. U2charist. when i was a kid the musical masses were popular–someone would bring a guitar and there wouldn’t be much of a sermon, and eveyrone would sway and wear flowered clothes and it was really hokey and didn’t feel terribly religious but it kept folks awake.

i bet sister mary-peter didn’t approve. and with bono flirting with the english the way he has been, becoming a lord or whatever, i’m not sure i do either.

2. Rambling Man - April 3, 2007

yeah bono is now a “sir” – but he can’t be called sir bono because he isn’t a british citizen. fair play to him though. he does some great charity work.

sounds like you went to a hippie church !

3. laurie - April 3, 2007

it was a catholic church near our house, but they had these folk masses from time to time. my grandmother did NOT approve.

4. Rambling Man - April 3, 2007

yeah i remember when mass came in on saturday nights and you could go to that one instead of sunday mornings … my dad (rip) wasn’t having any of it though … sundays at 9am it always was.

i never enjoyed myself at church though and i think its something one should do. our churches tend to be very repentant, sorrowful and dour sorts of places.

5. (un)relaxeddad - April 3, 2007

Oh I read about this – the horror. Of course, they used to be Xians, didn’t they, barring the bass player. I’ve never forgotten a journalist’s description of a few years back “A small man who looks like a toad walks straight in. It’s Bono…”

6. Rambling Man - April 4, 2007

thats a good one – what on earth is a Xian ? some sort of sect ?

7. acrobat - May 9, 2007

I cant say this any where else online without getting roasted by other U2 crazys..but as a hardcore U2 fan? I find this entire thing RIDICULOUS!!!

8. Rambling Man - May 9, 2007

whatever rocks your boat i guess …

9. Sarah Dylan Breuer - July 10, 2007

You can find info about U2charists at:


More info is going up by the day. Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions!

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