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Joe Walsh – I’m glad you’re retiring ! March 26, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

Mother of God – I’ve just turned off the wireless and still can’t believe what I heard from former Agriculture minister, Joe Walsh. Mr.Walsh is not running for election this time around and was giving us an insight into how difficult it might be to, let’s say, go to the airport, as an ordinary Joe (oops!) Soap …

It appears that when you go to the airport, Mr.Walsh didn’t know that you had to find the check-in desk and then, heaven forbid, after check-in find the departure gate on “a monitor!”. The fact that the duty manager wasn’t on hand to personally just hand you your boarding card was much bemoaned.

Mr.Walsh’s puzzlement at these “completely new” phenomena was abruptly compounded on his return to the airport where the mental quagmire that is a baggage carousel awaited him. Jesus, Mary and Joseph haven’t we come along way hah ?

You mean to tell me, Mr.Walsh, that on the two occasions (1992–1994 and 1997–2004) that you were a minister you never had to endure the shambles at Dublin airport and never knew about baggage belts, departure screens or check-in queues ? Just how out of touch are our politicians ? During his interview – on Morning Ireland this morning – I was immediately reminded of the infamous Pee Flynn episode of the Late Late Show some years back …

Give them enough rope ….



1. laurie - March 26, 2007

do your politicians all have private planes?
or do they just never go anywhere?
oh no, i know what it is—just like our politicans here in america, your guys all travel humbly by motor coach….

2. Rambling Man - March 26, 2007

oh they go places alright ! a fair amount of them went abroad on a huge junket for st.patrick’s weekend … i dont know about the private planes but ministers would have use of the government jet. imagine though, having to queue up with the great unwashed !

3. tammara - March 26, 2007

Wow, he is clueless – and sadly, I’m sure he’s not alone in his political celebrity cluelessness.

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