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A bad experience with “the hunt” March 23, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish, Sports.

Just thought I’d give the local hunt a kick in the arse following the very bad experience I had with them a couple of weeks ago. I had been threatening to write a letter to them but couldn’t find who to write to or what, if anything, could be done about it …

Picture the scene – myself, the good wife, the child and the hound en route to the local beach and we happen across a fragment of a hunting party scattered across the public road, causing all sorts of chaos. You know the foxhunting types – dogs (beagles) everywhere going a bit mad, horses trying to keep them in check, red blazered men on horseback standing around, all looking for a way to catch and kill a fox.

So about 5 or 6 dogs jump further out onto the road than they were already and cause the car two in front of us to swerve and the ones behind, including us, to pull in hard onto the verge. Frustrated by this and because I nearly de-biked a cyclist, I rolled my window down and asked the men immediate to me to please get their dogs off the road and reminded them that this was a busy road with fast moving traffic and they shouldn’t be on it. They were causing an obstruction I said, and were likely to cause an accident or worse …

Much to my surprise, I was met with a snickering “Fuck off !” from a perfectly respectable looking gent on a horse and equally shocked by the “Yeah, fuck off you fat c*nt !” from the teenager beside him on foot ! “What did you just say to me ?” I said back to him … but knowing that I couldn’t get out of the car (as I was now causing an obstruction by not moving !) he laughed his arse off at me, all the while looking around for the smiling approval of his hunt colleagues. Needless to say I was hopping mad for hours after it ! It didn’t bother any of them in the slightest.

So, members of the Waterford hunt, is this the way you treat the general public ? I challenge anyone involved in that hunt to answer me as to why they think that abusing the public and causing an obstruction on our roads like this, is the way to gain acceptance for your barbaric pastime ?

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1. laurie - March 23, 2007

as colorful as the idea of men on horseback and red jackets with dogs and excitement might be to an american, it occurs to me that anyone who would truly chase down a fox and kill it in this day and age is a barbarian, and given that, i guess their barbaric treatment of you and their utter disregard for safety, traffic, and the rest of society sort of follows naturally.

too bad.

i hope no dogs got hurt by the traffic.

2. Rambling Man - March 23, 2007

nah the dogs were ok – thats why i slowed down. it was just the sheer igrnoance of the kid in particular that really angered me. and i can do nothing about it. there is a big campaign over here to outlaw this hunting – just like in the UK. they think its a divine right to go wherever they want.

PS Isnt it the middle of the night over there ?

3. Laurie - March 23, 2007

we’re five hours behind you right now, with daylight savings time come early. i thin i posted that at about 7 this morning.

our outdoors section ran a huge story when the UK banned this kind of hunting. i had no idea it was still going on in ireland. it feels so british to me.

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