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Why use 1 word when a few will do ! March 19, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Sometimes words get the better of me … in an annoying sense. Some of the thing’s things you read really make me sit back and scratch my head. I ponder whether the people writing this stuff really are intelligent and oft come to the conclusion that a three year old would do better …

Stuff like “it’s a unique, once in a life time opportunity !” and “it’s absolutely essential” that you go for it ! It’s a double saying, no ? “Once in a lifetime” is unique to me ! Or what about if something is “boiling hot !” “Jaysis Tommy, don’t ate that – tis boilin’ hot !” Show me boiling that isn’t hot (nearly as bad as ‘ice cold’ !)

And cars and the car industry – it’s full of them ! What about the NCT test – the National Car Test test … or the many ‘foreign imports’ that are around …

We recently got an invitation to a friend’s wedding and on the end of the invite it read “RSVP please to ….” and I’ve often heard of “protective helmets” having to be worn at building sites – aren’t all helmets protective … yadda yadda – I’ve little to be grunting about. Tis far from redundant redundancies I was reared. 🙂



1. GerryOS - March 19, 2007

Remember that since Saturday, you have to use your PIN number when paying by credit card…

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