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Bertie does MasterChef ! March 15, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Did anyone see Bertie on MasterChef last night ? My word !

Its the final of the MasterChef and the 3 remaining contestants had to prepare a meal for Tony Blair in No.10.  And of course Bertie is visiting, no doubt talking about something important regarding Northern Ireland and the recent elections, when they get served with a dish of venison wellington.

Now, picture it !  More accustomed to fish and soggy chips in some dodgy chipper in Drumcondra, Bertie offers a fantastic comeback to Mr.Blair’s venison quip.  “The trouble with venison” says Tony, “is that it tends to be tough !”  “Ah Tony” says Bertie “The secret is to marinade it of course.  Ya should try it yerself !”  Cue knowing laughter …

I’d say now he wouldn’t know one end of a lump of venison from a hole in his ar…..



1. laurie - March 16, 2007

completely off topic here, but you’re a dog guy, right?
i think you will like this:


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