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You’re not a Star ! March 5, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

Is it just me or has anyone seen anything quite as bad as the unfortunately titled “You’re a Star” on RTE ?  I think it’s dire … so dire in fact that I usually end up watching it just so I can give out about it and just to know what people are talking about in the tea room on a Monday morning.

I cannot take anything away from the kids that are auditioning and giving it their all on the program – I just think none of them are any good. “You’re a Star” has somehow come to be seen as a route to stardom and overnight success … I mean, has anyone heard of any of the contestants that have won previous versions of the show ?

Apart from Mickey Harte (“Two organs in one name !” – Dustin the Turkey, 2003) who pops up now and again flogging a new album or yer man Simon Casey, who was actually a good singer, where have they all gone ?  What about Lucia Evans who won last year and was popular for belting out her songs …. Or those two young boggers whom we sent into the furnace of the Eurovision only for them never to be seen alive again ? Seriously people, if you want to watch a good talent show – sorry let me rephrase that – if you want to see a show where the contestants are talented, then watch “American Idol”.

The record from this show speaks for itself. They’ve had numerous number one albums, singers signed to famous labels, a few controversies and even an Oscar, for Jaysis sake ! Jennifer Hudson versus Scuba Dice ? it just don’t compute man …

Which brings me back to the “You’re a Star” debacle … at least they’ve decided to change the format slightly this year with the judges having the ultimate say on who stays and who goes. But that’s about as far as I’d go with the compliments. First of all, the sound on the set in the Helix is dreadful. The singers, while not entirely blameless, sound like they are singing into a tin can and while none of them seem able to belt out a number and put some feeling into a song, I still struggle to hear those that half manage it.

There doesn’t seem to be any coordination between the background staff dressing and selecting these songs and what the judges want to see. The contestants this year are mostly kids and it’s obvious that they don’t really know how to perform. And it appears the judges don’t get to work with them to try and shape them … I’d just be worried that they were being led up the show-business garden path, never to be heard from again …

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