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Mines bleedin’ bigger dan yuurrss ! February 15, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

“Oh my !”, is all I can say. Ireland of the welcomes …

Mines bleedin’ bigger dan yuurrss !

PS : Don’t be eating, drinking or in an impressionable mood while reading this story !



1. laurie - February 15, 2007

“the driver could have given them a ruler.”

ok, it’s a disgusting story but that line made me laugh out loud.

2. Rambling Man - February 15, 2007

if you only knew the type of “scumbags” the story refers to … i lived in an area infested with guys like that … i once saw a guy put down his coffee cup on a step and pee into it – i guess he thought he was doing a good job by not peeing on the street !

3. laurie - February 17, 2007

just tell me he didn’t think pick up the coffee cup and take a swig.
ok? because i really don’t want to know that…..

4. Rambling Man - February 18, 2007

nah he left it there as far as i can remember – nice present for someone to pick up !

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