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Jesus H. Christ … it’s me ! February 12, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Well imagine my utter surprise when browsing through the list of nominees at this year’s Irish Blog Awards, when I came across my own site listed under the “Best Personal Blog” category.

It’s an honour just to be nominated …

So, you know what to do – off with you to the Irish Blog Awards and vote for somebody else …



1. kav - February 12, 2007

Rambling is the future, you know.

2. Rambling Man - February 12, 2007

’twas actually on your site i saw it sham ! sure who reads my blog ?

3. Laurie - February 12, 2007

hey, i found it, didn’t i?

4. Rambling Man - February 13, 2007

yeah you did ! where are you on the planet anyways ?

5. laurie - February 13, 2007

st. paul, minnesota. practically right next door.

i can’t remember how i found your blog. but i’m glad i did.

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