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Irish football ! I give up … February 8, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.

I can take no more. There’s bad and there’s Ireland … we are now the official laughing stock of European football and beyond … and I’ve officially given up all hope …

I can only best explain it like this :

  • Playing badly from time to time is excusable. Every team goes through a bad patch.
  • It is inexcusable, however, not to give your best, concentrate your hardest and continually underperform for your country when you are playing well (and in some cases, very well) for your club.
  • It is neither acceptable nor fair on anyone, for a national sporting organisation (F.A.I.) to bring in a manager from footballing obscurity, who has no relevant experience, who isn’t an inspiring figure, who isn’t a leader of men, who isn’t particularly articulate and who has the gumption of a trodden-on snail and place him at the head of our country’s footballing efforts.
  • It is not acceptable to ignore results, questions, criticism, feelings, attitudes, reaction and plain and obvious bullshit play, stick your head in the sand and act as if everything is OK. 4 year plan my hole !
  • It is definitely not OK for the F.A.I. to be blind in its loyalty to someone who fulfills all of the above because without the fans and the poor eejits who paid a week’s wages to go to San Jaysis Marino to see those muppets in green and white disgrace themselves, the game here would be nothing.

So where to go from here ? We disgraced ourselves against the worst team in Europe and although the score-sheet shows a win and the 3 points, we all know that the situation is now laughable. If Staunton doesn’t cop that the situation is now dire and that he is in way over his head – perhaps through no fault of his own – he shouldn’t even be in a job.

So do the decent thing Stan – we know nobody would turn down the offer of managing their country but enough is enough. You’re not able for it !

Mr.Delaney and the F.A.I. – please, for the sake of Irish football, listen to what your fans are telling you and reach into your deep pockets and pay for a good manager with the necessary experience and gumption and knowledge and get us, to fuck, once and for all out of this mess and into a major championship.

I think I speak for most Irish fans when I say AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH !

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1. kav - February 8, 2007

I’ve seen a few of these around today, but that’s a seriously good rant. He has to go.

2. Rambling Man - February 8, 2007

just had to get it off my chest – not that the power of the people will make any difference !

3. bohsnews - February 9, 2007

Where do we go from here? We could start with building a football infrastructure in Ireland, and a football following that supports Irish teams that foster Irish talent.
We don’t deserve to win anything!

4. Rambling Man - February 10, 2007

did you hear john delaney and bobby robson on matt cooper the other evening ? Its as if they are oblivious to it all. I really feel sorry for Staounton because he was one of our greatest ever players and now is being turned into a figure of laughter !

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