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Rugby tickets anyone ? January 31, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Sports.

Where in the name of God have all the rugby tickets for Croke Park gone ?

Does anyone, at this late stage, have a clue where I could get one for either or any of the home games this season ? It seems to me that the capacity has nearly doubled from what it was in Lansdowne Road but still there’s not a ticket to be had. I’ve tried my local club, the Munster RFU branch, online etc. but everyone is telling me there are absolutely none left – the funny thing is that the club said it didn’t recieve any more than normal. Have the rugby equivalent of the prawn sandwich brigade decided to make the trip north of the Liffey en masse ?

I’d be very grateful to anyone who could point me in the right direction … I’d even consider swapping Euro 2008 football tickets (v. Germany or Wales) for one for the rugby.

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1. laura - January 31, 2007

Don’t be naive!! The other “half” of the double capacity of Croke park tickets are in the hands of the GAA. Do you think they are going to open the stadium and not hold on to tickets for themselves?? Everyone wants to go to these matches. Closet GAA rugby supporters included.

If you don’t normally get tickets for matches, then there is no reason why you’d expect one for this match! (I don’t know whether you normally get tickets or not, but the double capacity thing isn’t changing how many tickets the clubs normally get. :-))

2. Rambling Man - February 1, 2007

you always give me such a hard time laura đŸ˜‰
i’ve tried the GAH too – no luck … and most of them where I’m from won’t watch the TV for a week in protest at the foreign games

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