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Trevor Brennan loses the head January 24, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish, Sports.

One of the most controversial rugby topics of the moment (besides the question of where in the hell have all the Croke Park tickets gone ?), is the severe belting former Irish player Trevor Brennan gave some Ulster fan at a match in Toulouse last weekend.

Apparently, a certain section of the crowd brought the nightime habits of Mr.Brennan’s mother into question and he (understandably) didn’t take too lightly to it. Some of the papers were reporting that all the Ulster fans did was shout a jibe aimed at the drinkability of Brennan’s pub’s Guinness, as Brennan co-owns an Irish bar in Toulouse with Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas.

So a player can’t take the abuse from fans and wades – arms flailing – into the crowd … what should happen to him ? What would we do in the same situation ? I think the onus is on the player to turn the other cheek and realise the privileged position he is in. It reminds me of the children’s rhyme ‘sticks and stones’ but again, if I were put in that situation, I don’t know what I’d do.

Brennan will probably (rightly) get a ban from the game but if he does, the Ulster “fan” who shouted the abuse should also be banned from rugby grounds for the same amount of time. Somebody somewhere knows who it was – and it wasn’t necessarily the fella who got the clatter. There is no place for shouting repeated and “unendurable provocation” – as Toulouse rugby club have called it – at anyone. I know things can get a bit hectic at sporting occasions but that is no reason to lose your sense of dignity and respect for others. I suppose the same thing goes on every week and to a more vehement extent at sporting grounds up and down these islands … I guess it just takes a Cantona or a Brennan to flip the lid and bring it to the public’s attention.

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1. E Taylor - February 6, 2007

Quite agree, Brennan has probably taken dogs abuse for years on the rugby pitch but he was obviously pushed to the limit by the wiseass in the crowd…how foolish to pick on someone so much bigger and tougher. I have no respect or pity for the fool who was punched, I have on the other hand a lot of sympathy for the player. If Zizu and Cantona have another ally, vive le droit de la joueur!!

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