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Remember those lost at sea January 16, 2007

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Our thoughts and prayers must be with the bereaved families of last week’s fishing trawler tragedies off the South East coast. Unfortunately, drownings like this are an all too regular occurrence in the Wexford / Waterford harbour area and are one of the most striking and rememberable memories (if I can put it like that) that have stayed with me from my childhood in the area.

Every year of my life there has been someone lost off that coast, whether it be a boat that gets into trouble or a swimming tragedy or someone getting swept into the sea. Terrible tragedies all, stirring up memories of life boats, a flotilla of search vessels, stricken relatives, ambulances taking too long to arrive, shivering blanket-covered rescuers, remembrance masses …

Seven men at one time is too much to bear and we can only imagine what the families of these people must be going through. People will ask the tough questions – was safety paramount in the men’s minds ? Were they wearing life jackets ? Were the boats overloaded ? Was it safe to be out at all in the inclement weather ?

Now is not the time for questions. Now is a time for mourning and remembrance. The sea has taken these men, these fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, friends … there is not one of us that can say that these men did not do all they could to keep alive. Crashing waves, huge swells, terrible weather conditions – the rage of a black sea, their livelihood’s provider turned in an horrific instant to their killer … we ask that their families may soon have some comfort and that the men’s remains are found and bear in mind that there but for the grace of God, go us all who live and fish in the area …

If you are in the Dunmore East area, remember these men (and many others) by spending a quiet moment at the ‘wall of remembrance’ monument situated in Dunmore East harbour, bearing the names of those local men lost at sea.

It will soon bear the names of Tom and Pat Hennessy, Pat Coady, Billy O’Connor, Andriy Dyrin, Ger Bohan and Tomasz Jagla. We shall remember them.

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