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Unsung Irish : Ann “Goody” Glover December 21, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Ann Glover (pop. “Goody” – Goodwife) was an Irish born laundress, hanged in Boston in 1688, accused of being a witch ! She was the last person to be hanged in Boston as a witch and the infamous Cotton Mather – of the Salem Witch Trials infamy – was instrumental in bringing about her death. Having being sold as a slave by Cromwell, she found herself in Barbados before ending up in Boston where she and her daughter worked as housekeepers for a John Goodwin.

Upon the children of that family falling ill, the folks in Boston could come to no other conclusion than the fact the children had been bewitched and made ill by their housekeeper. At her “trial” several doctors, ministers and decent citizenry attested to her witch-like state and this was apparently compounded when she did not recite the Lord’s Prayer in English – she said it in Irish and said the Catholic version – and she was duly hanged on November 16th, 1688.

On November 16th 1988, Boston City Council recognized the injustice done to Glover and proclaimed that day “Goody Glover Day”.

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