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Padraig Nally found not guilty December 15, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Padraig Nally has been acquitted of the manslaughter of John Ward – a traveller who was trespassing on his property.  I don’t know whether I agree with the decision of the jury and am wondering did the socially confrontive nature of the case influence the jury in any way ?

I am supportive of Nally in his right to defend his property but obviously do not agree with his decision to reload his gun, follow the intruder down the road and, for want of a better phrase, finish him off.  But the jury differed in their deliberations and found that Mr.Nally did not use unreasonable force in following his victim down the road and shooting him in the back – dead !  I am torn by being alarmed by that decision and having a lot of sympathy for Nally, as he thought his life was in danger.

I also heard of reports that in Mayo, near where the incident took place, cars were witnessed driving at speed past halting sites and beeping their horns in celebration.  How pathetic is that ?  and what a horrible message of non-tolerance those idiots have sent out.

At what point does manslaughter become murder ?  At what point did a thought flash into Nally’s head that he had to do more than shoot the victim once and was he thinking straight at the time ?  Does a burglar lose his rights when he breaks the law himself ?   I look forward with interest to the legislation we now need in this country – and need quickly – before another tragedy like this happens again.



1. TommyandLarry - December 16, 2006

Well said.
Reasonable force has taken on a whole new meaning after this case. I have sympathies with both sides but manslaughter seemed the only logical verdict.

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