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Freud thinks we’re nuts ! December 13, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

The Irish are one race for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.” So said the legendary psychoanalyist Sigmund Freud.

Wasn’t Freud the right funny man and before his time huh ?  We’re a right little country all the same.  There follows a few little things that if eliminated, would go oh-so far to making us even better … call me a grumpy old shitebag (steady on!) but hey – it’s my blog and I’ll grump if I want to.  And feel free to continue the list … I was trying not to be too serious but sometimes contempt gets the better of me.

(1) People who, whilst waiting for elevators, press the down button if they need to go up, or vice versa – thus ensuring that when the lift door closes, it opens again.

(2) “L” plate drivers who think it’s OK to cut someone off when trying to change lanes – still haven’t calmed down about that one !

(3) People who call Fine Gael “Finna Gwale”.

(4) Jaywalking – in all it’s forms.

(5) People who think it’s grand to leave the car/lurry/van/heap-of-shit 1980’s Cortina anywhere as long as the hazards are on.  Sure they’ll only be gone a minute …

(6) Workmen, who whilst installing a new bathroom, think it prudent to try and flush sealant foam down the loo, only to have it solidify and crack the bowl !

(7) Homebase.

(8) An electorate who votes their leader even more popular than he was before he admitted taking bungs and backhanders.

(9) Common criminals and drunks who get away with doing whatever they did because “they had a lot of drink taken”, “regret the incident” and are now “in gainful employment”.

(10) People who leave household rubbish in other people’s skips.  Just ask – there would probably be room !



1. Terra - December 13, 2006

I could make a list like that about Americans..being a Canadian myself, born and bred, but I’m trying to get citizenship and I don’t want to hurt my chances. So shhhhh! Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comments!

2. francis mahon - October 5, 2007

Re: 5, the Hazards.

A woman abandoned her car (actually, it was her husband’s – his pride and joy) yesterday outside the general post office in Wexford, because she was running late for work (nearby) and had to get the bins out. She was in such a hurry she even left it running…

She forgot all about it…

The observant postal staff saw it, and surmising that it was a getaway car for a robbery, phoned the Gardai…

The Gardai arrived, switched off the car, removed the keys, locked the car and headed back to the station…

A traffic warden arrives and puts a ticket on it – double yellow lines, don’t you know…

The Gardai run the car registration through the computer, and find out who she is – so a uniformed officer turns up at her workplace looking for her…

I laughed when I heard this story – from an eyewitness.

Schadenfreude is so mean and ungentlemanly, but I can’t help it – beat she will be more careful where she abandons her car in future!

3. Rambling Man - October 6, 2007

she could’ve at least pulled it into supervalu car park – but sure she’d have to pay for that

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