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Driving etiquette for girl racers December 12, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

This morning was the last straw – I’ve been holding off on blogging about driving etiquette and especially the Irish tradition of never, ever letting someone into a queue or out onto a road. Alas, I can hold off no more. Below is a much toned down and curse-word-less version of events which I endured this morning …

To get to work I must drive up a long, winding side road and join a dual carriageway – despite this dual carriageway’s infamous mentions on AA Roadwatch bulletins, it’s rarely as bad as it’s made out to be. This morning, however, the traffic was plodding along quite slowly. I’ll say nothing about the motor bikes speeding in between lines of stationary cars or the schoolkids playing some sort of balancing game on the double yellow lines …

I must, at some point, make a lane change into the left hand lane in order to make my turn off and there is usually a slack spot on the road with a slight incline which allows me to do the change quickly and safely … there I was this morning watching the inside lane in order to change.

Spotting a gap in the traffic, I check the mirrors, indicate and edge out and get half way across when she spots me ! An “L” plate driver in a blue souped up Peugeot complete with furry dice. As I slowly moved across, I hear the roar of her engine – she had floored it. Must’ve thought “No way I’m letting that bastard in !”. She wasn’t stopping in her idiotic attempt to “not let me in”, obviously oblivious to the fact that I was three quarters the way into the other line of traffic. She didn’t stop – I slammed on – she slammed on ! What the f*ck ! So, heart in mouth and angry at the fact that someone would just floor it and attempt to cut me off before I did the horrible act of changing lanes, I managed to safely join the other lane. I look back as if to say “What the hell are you doing, you silly bitch – do you think that’s the way it’s done or something ?” In typical Irish fashion, I got the finger … lovely. And she wasn’t really a girl racer looking type either – she was quite smartly dressed – the car and her stupidity gave her skanger side away. So there are people in Ireland so angry that they won’t let people change lanes and think it’s OK to give them the bird if they do !

It made me think do these provisional drivers – who need no driving instruction before they get behind a wheel – end up absorbing bad driving habits and the etiquette they see arouns them and then think it’s OK not to let people out or as happened to me, try to cut someone off before they do it. It’s plain good manners – let someone out every once in a while and the same thing will happen to you. But in Ireland we’re brutal for it – and everyone I talk to says “Yeah it’s awful – nobody ever lets you out!”

Well how’s about starting people … if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem !

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1. Martin - December 12, 2006

What makes you think she was a provisional driver. Also, how many of your peers received full licences in 1979 in an effort to reduce waiting times without ever having to do a driving test and have never recieved an iota ofinstruction including how to drive on a motorway??
Why are drivers who may have scraped a pass in the test so full of themselves??

2. Rambling Man - December 12, 2006

thems fighting words martin – i presume she must’ve been a provisional driver because of the L plate. Why would a qualified driver have L plates – unless they were in someone elses car … I wasn’t one to get an amnesty – I’m a bit younger than that ! – but I know people who were and you’ve a point – many of them are brutal too. i was just very pissed off when she obviously thought it the right thing to do in cutting me off – i dont understand people who think like that, no matter what their driving ability.

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