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How not to publicise your invention December 6, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

I’m sure that by now, everyone in Ireland has either seen, heard or laughed out loud at the infamous incident on the Late Late Show of two weeks ago. Heckler Paul Stokes stole stealthily past tight RTE security before walking, live on air, onto the Late Late Show and effing Pat Kenny out of it, amongst others, in front of a live audience.

Apparently an inventor, it appears that Mr.Stokes has it in for the folks at RTE as well as a whole litany of other personalities and politicians because of their reaction to his invention that he claims will end road deaths in Ireland. Now while this subject matter is not to be dealt with lightly, Mr.Stokes could hardly have chosen a worse way to endear himself to the Irish public that the strange sequence of events that occurred on the Late Late and since then.

One must wonder what it is that makes a man think “Right, in order to make my great invention known and made, I’ll drive my car into RTE’s front door, F their biggest paid presenter out of it on live TV and bomb the Minister of Transport’s email box with 2 million spam mails !” “Yeah, that’ll surely make them hop to it and mass produce my car …”

Mr.Stokes, if your project has viability then create a business, get funding – do it the correct way and let’s see what the Roadrunner chip in a car can really do. The only thing you have introduced into Ireland so far is great pub conversation … “Did you see yer man on the telly …? ”


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1. Kav - December 6, 2006

Ah yeah, but sure if he did that the last couple of weeks wouldn’t’ve been half as entertaining.

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