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OJ Simpson : a right cute hoor November 27, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

Have you ever heard the like of OJ Simpson and his new book purporting to explain how he would have “done it” if he had “done it”. The it, of course is the double murder of his estranged wife Nicole and her friend back in the 90s.

So OJ has decided to cash in on the murders by getting a ghost writer to pen a book entitled “If I did it” where he allegedly describes how he would’ve done the crime … my God what are we coming to and what is the American society coming to when people think there is a market for this sort of stuff ?

What next ? George Bush writes a book (stop laughing down the back) on “We haven’t invaded Iran, but here’s how we’d do it if we did !”  I know the publishers have now realised the amount of opposition to this book and are doing something about getting its circulation stopped or withdrawn but I mean, what kind of person would buy this book for someone as their Christmas pressie ?

According to BreakingNews.ie, “the Juice” acknowledges that monies he receives from this enterprise would be “blood money” and he has told his kids this and they are happy with it. “It’s no different than any of the other writers who did books on this case” says Simpson and that “we can’t have selective morality”, as if this distances him from the crimes. The difference is that you were involved (found liable for their deaths) in some way while the writers were not.

Please, Mr. Simpson, would you ever just f*ck off !

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