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World News : A quick trip November 24, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

There’s loads of interest happening around the globe this dirty morning so here’s a quick snippet of a fraction of what’s going on … there’s so much happening on this planet (and off it) that we only hear minutiae …

– In Palestine, A 64 year old grandmother has become the latest suicide bomber in the Middle East, blowing herself up near some Israeli soldiers but not killing anyone only herself. Terrible story this as it’s a vicious circle of destruction in that troubled part of the world.

– In Russia, from January 1st 2007, there will be a country wide ban on importing meat from Europe. Apparently the Russians are concerned about the safety of some Bulgarian and Romanian meat and so are banning all EU imports of meat, just in case. It seems the ban might be a reaction to a veto on EU-Russia trade by Poland, which is causing a stir at the current EU-Russia summit in Finland.

– In a story that will be of big interest to the alcohol guzzling Irish, the European Court of Justice has ruled that Europeans cannot buy cheap alcohol and cigarettes on the internet in order to get round taxes and import duty in their own countries. The decision I’m sure, will come as a huge relief to both the politicians who make millions from import duty of alcohol here and the owners of off licenses and so on …

– In China, it appears they have just signed a 5 year trade deal with Pakistan, promising their new friends that they will aid in disputes with India and also help them in their development of nuclear technology. Watch this space …

– In Fiji, it looks like there might be another military coup – the 4th in the last 2 decades or so. Their military chief, Frank Bainimarama has it in for the Prime Minister and has threatened to take him out of office unless he drops several controversial pieces of legislation … which unsurprisingly include dropping an amnesty bill for earlier coup attemptees. Australia are keeping a close eye on things, saying they think the whole thing is about to go up !

– In Sri Lanka, it appears their undeclared civil war is escalating. How can a civil war be undeclared one asks – if only x amount of people get killed does that mean it’s a mere conflict ? The government forces are mobilising tanks and warplanes and sending them into Tamil Tiger held territory. This country has been at war for ages …

– In sport, congratulations to Wicklow’s Katie Taylor on becoming a world champion boxer.  She comprehensively beat her Argentinean opponent in India yesterday to claim gold at the Women’s World Championships. 

And finally,

– In New Zealand, they are no closer to figuring out what to do about building a new rugby stadium for the Rugby World Cup in NZ in 2011.  The plans which include revamping the old Eden Park or building a new spanking stadium on stilts near the waterfront, have yet to be fully decided on.  Let’s hope it gets sorted out in time so Ireland can give them a run for their money …



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