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I don’t understand the Pope November 23, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in World Affairs.

In general, I don’t really understand the Pope and Popery in general. I mean, I know who the Pope is and that he’s head of the church and so on but some of the stuff that is official doctrine leaves me baffled.

Take condoms for instance – artificial birth control is out as far as Roman Catholicism goes. The church has been opposed to people having “relations” for reasons other than procreation for as far back as anyone cares to remember. Couple this with the fact that millions of people are infected with AIDs and HIV around the globe and a good lot of them are Catholics – their religion prevents them from using contraception. Therefore in prevents them from protecting their partners from infection. The Pope even announced last year at a conference in Africa, where millions are infected, that contraception was “responsible for breakdown in sexual morality” and that the only way to effectively control the spread of such STDs was through abstinence and marital fidelity.” So as long as you aren’t enjoying yourself having sex then they are happy enough.

But following a recent report commissioned by the Pope, it seems good sense has got the better of him. It now seems that the Papacy is considering “allowing” Catholics to use contraception – calling it “a lesser evil” when the people insist (the bastards !) on having sex that could lead to “widespread misery”. Well, your holiness, there has been “widespread misery” across the world for ages and ages because of the ravages of HIV and AIDs – one thinks that the minute you in your supposed kind and loving nature heard of such misery and copped on that your rule on contraception might be a cause of even a small bit of it, then you would have relaxed the rule earlier ? Why did it take until now for the subject of relaxing the rule to come up ?

And who gives you and men like you, who presumably have never had a sniff of “relations” and who abstain from it, the right to preach to others about it ? I think I’ll convert to Buddhism – at least then I’d love everyone …

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1. Greg, Offaly, Ireland - July 26, 2007

You could have tried ‘Sprechen de Anglais’ I guess!

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