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Podge & Rodge doll anyone ? November 20, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Not content with their show causing uproar amongst the older generation of this fair isle, that dastardly Ballydung duo, Podge & Rodge, have brought out their own doll for Christmas. Apparently the dolls, which looks almost like P & R have a cord that one can … em .. manipulate so that the dolls emit several rude, crude but much loved phrases from their show. I guess Podge and Rodge are like the Simpsons in some ways – they work on many levels – kids love them and adults get a kick out of them too. They did, after all appear first on children’s TV – well at least the scrawny, awkward one did …

So unless you want your kids to hear such beauties as “Ask the back of me sack !” or perhaps “Have I time for a tug ?”, be on your guard this Christmas. I’ve just checked on-line in my local Smyth’s toy store and they stock them. One wonders is there an age limit on toys the way there is on films for example ? And is it kept to ? I can envisage some classic scenes on Christmas morning when the children of unwitting parents come out with such finery as “I will in me hole !” when asked to eat their brussel sprouts !

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