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Foreign names in foreign games November 16, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Is it just me or has anyone noticed the change in Irish TV news presenter’s elocution recently ? There seems to have been a sudden poshing up in delivery from the likes of the lovely Sharon Ní Bheoláin – and don’t talk to me about the sports presenters on TV3. Whatever pronunciation Trevor and the lads have seems to be infectious but at the end of the day is just plain wrong.

The fetching Sharon – bless her cotton socks – appears to me like she has caught a boulster of whatever Moira Stewart, ex the BBC had. When reading the news, it sounds like all her words are melting into one string of coherent, articulate but yet fuzzy and intonated groups of words. It almost sounds as if she is reading more through her throat the way Moira Stewart did – she had a really peculiar way of pronunciation but yet it aided her in her delivery and clarity. Does that make sense ?

On a less straight faced note, it could be argued that the sports lads in TV3 – Trevor Welch et al. – are as well known for their characters in Après Match as they are for the sports news readings themselves. In other words, they have a touch of the Johnny Giles about them – sometimes it just doesn’t come out right ! The bould Johnny referred to Ireland’s opponents yesterday as “San Muriñho”, after Chelsea’s revered boss – but has anyone ever heard Trevor and the lads who commentate on TV3 pronounce a Spanish name ?

Names ending in “es” or “ez” in Spanish and even sounds like “his” in English come out more like “heees” or “Fernandays“. Jaysis Chrisht lads, the name is not “Fernandays” – you don’t speak Spanish like you were from the lower end of Gortnahoo !

So how should a mucker from Ireland (yours truly included) attempt to articulate a bit of the old Spanish then ? Well Jaysis certainly not as if you were from Gortnahoo ! The Spaniards would think you had gone stone cracked. In my humble and semi-qualified opinion, in lieu of perfect Spanish pronunciation, the names should be uttered with a hard “ez” at the end e.g. FernandEZ, not FernanDAYS. That’s just silly. So come on Trev, take a leaf out of Sharon’s book and polish up. You never know who might be listening.

Just me being a grump again … but it gives me ire. Just like people who when waiting for a lift, press the down button when they mean to go up … but that’s for another day.

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