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Ireland v San Marino November 15, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.

Tonight will see the last football match in Lansdowne Road for quite some time and the mighty San Marino – postmen, plumbers and painters all – provide the opposition.

I think it’s time to nail my colours firmly to the mast and jump off the slowly sinking good ship FAI before it’s too late. I have to say that whatever the result and whether or not we qualify for the European Championships, that Staunton is just not the right man for the job. In my opinion, the manager of our international team must have personality, not be verging on boorish and flippant with the press, make sensible decisions based on the players available, not be rigid in his outlook (4 year plan me arse) and inspire overall confidence in his players and their fans. Even Mick Jaysis McCarthy had most of the above qualities. Sorry, but to me Staunton just comes across as a plain eejit. And his sidekick Bobby Robson just makes matters worse. Does anyone actually know what it is Robson does ? The whole thing just smacks of honorable defeatism and dropping world rankings … we’ll soon be in the same seeding group as San bleedin’ Marino !

So we may give San Marino “a right good bash” tonight and some of the players may acquit themselves well over the next few games but to me, the Irish football team has been lost. Lost to a self serving management committee who couldn’t deliver the top class manager they promised and instead turned one of our best and well liked former players into a figure of derision and makes us increasingly the laughing stock of European football.  Tis true for me !
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