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Global warming, how are ya ? November 14, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

The mother in law (MIL), God Bless ‘er, has just returned to Sweden after a few days of visiting, cooking, cleaning and all round caring for her daughter, her tired husband and her wonderful new grandaughter. In Sweden, they are even more obsessed with the weather than we are here in Ireland, if that’s possible. What the temperature is, seems to be the most important piece of information to ascertain for the Swedes, whereas in Ireland it’s probably more along the lines of “Is it going to rain ?”, if it isn’t already milderin’ (as they say around these parts).

So, whenever talking on the phone to the MIL, the subject of the temperature usually comes up and usually we haven’t a clue because we don’t care – it’s cold and probably wet and we wish we lived somewhere sunnier. In order to right this wrong and provide the good people of Sigtuna, Sweden with the correct temperature in Ireland, the MIL kindly bought us a super cool, digital, internal and external thermometer to stick on the wall – and do you know what, I’m already obsessed  !  I can’t pass the top of the stairs without commenting to myself “Ooh 12.4 outside, 21.7 inside” …

Today as I took her to the bus at the ungodly hour of 5.30am, we both commented on how unusually mild it was for the middle of the night in November. 14.3 degrees to be exact. This was confirmed by no need of a coat and by the dashboard of my car. So I dropped her on her merry way and returned home for an extra hour’s kip before having to tend to the child again … and lo and behold, at 8am this morning it was colder that it was in the middle of the night ! 9 degrees this time.

Surely this mismatch of temperatures and muddled warmth must not only have a detrimental effect on us humans but also on the likes of the birds who, in their birdlike wisdom (sic), might think that November in Ireland was more akin to July and start their journey south, only to drop dead from the cold in the middle of the day over St. George’s Channel and cause all sorts of ruination and troubles for their species … no wonder George Bush gets so darn confused by it all …

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1. Voytec - April 24, 2007

Sweden is one of a few places on earth that will benefit from global warming (better crops, lower cost of heating etc.) in a short term (lucky them Swedes!). But in longer term we are all going to loose…

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