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Rip off magazines November 9, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Ireland & the Irish.

Without paying too much attention to the price I was actually paying, I’ve just bought a computer magazine from my local book store monopoly. Later, at my desk, when taking it out of the bag, I noticed I had paid the handsome price of € 8.86 ! and it’s not even a glossy, sturdy looking magazine that you normally might associate with the higher price bracket.

The story of imported magazines from “across the water” or anywhere other than Ireland being really, really expensive is one that has been well known for ages. Something that is reasonably cheap in another currency is always hiked up a bit (or a lot !) here. The magazine I am referring to above takes the absolute piss in this regard.

I wonder does anyone have any suggestions as to why something that costs £ 3.99 in the UK, costs € 8.86 here, when £ 3.99 sterling equals € 5.92 ? Is it a case of we’ll throw a few euro on to the price – sure everyone knows magazines are fierce expensive.

In order to try and dig a little deeper, I looked inside the cover of this magazine at the publishing details etc. This little publication has had quite a journey … it’s published in the euro zone (Germany) and edited and written by Germans. It’s then published, printed and bound in Germany on behalf of a London publishing house and marketed at a UK price. It’s distributed from Scotland. There isn’t, as far as I know, an English language version of the magazine marketed “on the continent”, so hence the prices only in sterling. Maybe if there was an Irish publishing house writing, printing, binding and publishing a magazine here, it would be cheaper ? I don’t know – but it’s always something that vexes me when I have to pay over the odds for magazines and books and don’t really get much of an explanation as to why there is such a difference …

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1. kav - November 11, 2006

Jesus, you’d be cheaper getting me to buy it for you over here and posting it over. Just send a cheque made payable to…

2. Rambling Man - November 12, 2006

hey dont tempt me – your offer reminds me of a story my father used to tell when he sent his brother in brighton half a dozen herrings in a plastic bag, through the post ! sick

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