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How not to write a menu board November 8, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Say it like it is.

I just can’t help it. I’m a nuisance stickler when it comes to correct spelling. My opposition to the scrawled laziness that appears these days on advertising and menu boards could correctly be described as vociferous. It would even put me off going into a place.

Take the following example. A new restaurant-cum-bar has just opened a few streets away from my office and I sauntered over today to take a look. If it impressed me, I was going to take the plunge and go in. Then I see this sign at the front door … Mother of God people, don’t you know it’s almost illegal to write as badly as this ?

tomateos.jpg deeffried.jpg

So here’s a few (brazen) suggestions on how to write your menu board properly.

  • Hire someone who will competently write the menu board and have someone read what is written before it goes on public display (with your restaurant’s name on it !)
  • Put the menu board on a flat surface (i.e. the table) when writing. Do not write it when it’s in situ and you are on your knees. Failure to do this will soon have the board looking like a 5 year old wrote it and ensures the writing will be akin to a dehydrated maggot in its last throws of life shinning across the surface.
  • Don’t use A miXture of small and CapS letters because it looKs ShiTe.
  • The board has your restaurant’s name on it and bad grammar and spelling makes you look like a big eejit.
  • There is no such fruit/vegetable as a “Tomateo” nor is there a fish accompanying sauce called “Tarture”.
  • “Fried Pepper Chicken” is about the least appetising dish I’ve ever heard of !

It’s just not on !

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