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If there’s an upside to spam … November 2, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

If there’s an upside to spam it’s got to be the classic names that some emails come into my inbox displaying.

Names like Forrest Goulox or Destiny T. Fernandez !  Now with a name like that Forrest can only be a fine, upstanding and reputable member of the online selling community right ?  It appears good old Forrest is pedaling watches and silk ties … just what I’ve always wanted.   How did he know ?

I, like the rest of the world, wish the spammers would just foxtrot-oscar and that mails from “John”, “XYZ Bank” or “You Friend” or even better just ” ” would at least try to be funny if they insist on ending up in my inbox.   Names like Forrest Goulox and his accomplice Diego Davidson (weight loss powder) just make me laugh – does anyone actually reply to these guys and even buy stuff from them ?  Is there anyone that naive left in cyberspace ?

Mind you my much loved but slightly elderly aunt once asked me did I know anyone called Damon Mailer who might be writing to her because she didn’t !  I’ll let you work that one out.  I just said I didn’t know anyone called that. 

My mother rang up about a cruise too and my mate from work wrote back in person to His Royal Highness Prince Abdullah Okimweyo (the son of the former PM of somewhere in Africa, don’t you know) and asked him to meet him in the local Sisters of Mercy car park at midnight the following Friday with his cut of the $15 million dollars the Prince had “acquired” and that if he could have it in 10s and 20s that’d be great – create less suspicion …

Ah, spam and the spammed – the perfect relationship … 



1. Coastal Aussie - November 4, 2006

At times, those persistent spammers drive me crazy. However, I did laugh when Prometheus Stickler wanted to sell me some little blue pills. I thought Prometheus Stickler was a great name.

And I laughed when reading about your Aunt’s new friend.

Also, that was a terrific story about ‘the real Santy’, he must have been a funny wee character.

2. cp1302ger - November 4, 2006

ah good old prometheus ! he’s one of the sticklers of Limerick I believe … as far as “the real Santy” goes, I could do no more than stifle my laughter at this seasonally misled child !

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