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Trick or Cheat ! November 1, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Well ’tis the season to be scary … or so we thought. It seems the little ‘uns around these parts would much rather throw shit bombs at people’s doors in the middle of the night than knock on them trick or treating !

We had only one single solitary sorry seeming Santa (great alliteration !) call to our door last night. It was one of the kids from down the road – maybe 7 or 8, all dressed up as none other than Santa Claus himself – nearly two whole months early !

“Who are you supposed to be ?” says I upon opening the door to something looking akin to a hard up, miniature postman with 3-sizes too big wellies, an old Christmas hat, pillowcase and wait for it … a cut off pair of grey boxers for a beard ! I shit you not ! “Who are you supposed to be ?” I said … “Santy !” says yer man – “Well you look more like Santa’s little helper to me !” says I, trying in desperate vain to inject a bit of humor into the situation, as all he had previously said grunted was “Have ya antin for me Hallaweeen party ?” whilst thoughtfully holding out his mingin looking pillow case.

“No”, he insisted “I’m the real Santy !” and with that, his mandarin orange and little bag of sweeties safely procured, he wandered down the garden path complete with “pilla case” slung over his shoulder. He was the only one – the whole night – and apart from the poor dog diving for cover under the kitchen table and the young wan not going to sleep till 2am because of the damn bangers, it was just like any other night …

I just regret that taking a picture of “the real Santy” and his boxer short mustachioed face in order to blog it, would’ve surely broken some child protection law somewhere …



1. Gerry O'Sullivan - November 2, 2006

The first trick-or-treater came to our door on the 7 October. You have to give him marks for brazenness! Normally, I’m the Hallowe’en equivalent of Ebenezer Scrooge, but as we’re new to the area, herself insisted that we go along with the spirit of things this time.

2. cp1302ger - November 2, 2006

well i couldnt believe it that we only had one ! then today in tescos i lok up over the till and theres a huge Merry Christmas sign being hung !

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