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Crazy little thing called love October 29, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Fatherhood.

Well the blogging has certainly taken a back seat in the past few days – I’m off from work on parental leave (God Bless it) and all our time has been taken up looking after our little Anabel …

She had a touch of jaundice when leaving the hospital and has now to be fed on 3 hourly cycles – it takes some getting used to this middle of the night business but we’re getting there – when she just lies there and stares at you it kinda makes up for it.

I ventured outside the house today for the first time since God knows when for a visit to the local Tesco and Sundays are definetly bring your kid to the shops day. In a few years hopefully that will be lilla Ana hanging off our trolley knocking chocolate biscuits into the freezer section as she goes …

PS : It’s amazing how fast you lose your nappy changing inhibitions !



1. Coastal Aussie - October 30, 2006

Aww, that’s really sweet. So glad to read that things are going well.

2. Gerry O'Sullivan - October 31, 2006

It’s amazing how fast you lose your nappy changing inhibitions !

I think once you get over the first few days, and the myconium has passed (it’s amazing how such a small and cute baby could emit something as foul as this stuff!), you get used to it quite quickly. I nearly barfed the first time I did Aoife’s nappy, the day she was born.

Once the baby gets used to the routine too, it gets easier for both baby and parent.

Any pics of your little sweetie to share with us yet??

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