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Parking Gremlins strike again October 19, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

They’re at it again, those dastardly parking gremlins.  Every day they appear and make people who normally park well abandon all reasonable consideration for other car park users – I swear I don’t have to go hunting for this stuff.  It happens all the time in our small staff car park.  And I know this guy – he usually parks quite well.   But today he thought, f*ck it I can take up two spaces when I want to … and make it difficult for the 3rd space in this row too !




1. Gabby Hayes - October 19, 2006

Arra cod for him, well bad scrant to it izhnt life hard enough without noody naws parking like loons? Ha? Isn’t it true for me?

2. Bernie - October 19, 2006

If you snap the reg number of incidents like this, the photo qualifies for the “stupid” tag on Flickr. Check it out.

3. cp1302ger - October 19, 2006

it’d be known by my office colleagues who read this blog who it then was – i couldn’t do that sham ! although when next i come across a stupid situation outside of work, i’ll do that no bother

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