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An ould wive’s tale for onions October 13, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

I used to think that cutting onions and placing them in an area effected by bad smells in order to rid the area of said smell was a bit of an ould wive’s tale. But I have a success story to report.

We painted the upcoming child’s nursery a couple of weeks ago with the wrong type of paint. Now I didn’t know it was the wrong paint of course, having relied on the sure to be gigantic paint knowledge of the spotty sales assistant. Having painted the room and left it to air for a few days we were concerned that the smell wasn’t dissapating. In our worry that the poor child would be choked with the smell of paint fumes, it was recommended to us that we cut 2 onions in half and place them in a bowl in the middle of the room.

Chuckling at the stupidity of the idea I nonetheless did what I was told and was flabbergasted with the results. Within half an hour the smell was gone, leaving only a faint hint of scallion in the air … you heard it here folks – cutting onions will get rid of bad smells !

PS : The phrase “ould wive’s tale” – does that mean that the wives telling the tales are themselves ould, or does it mean that the tales themselves are from years gone by ?

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