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Irish football in a state of chassis October 11, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Sports.

By no means is yours truly an authority on sport or on Irish football but I have been going to Lansdowne Road for quite a few years now. In any case, I know enough to know that what we saw on Saturday last was shite and unacceptable.

But the players and the manager know that – tonight is their chance to start to put things at least a little bit back on track. We’re decimated by injuries with virtually a whole team out of action for one reason or another. There are fellas in the squad that nobody has ever heard of and possibly, with everyone fit, will never hear of again.

If Ireland lose tonight (and the odds are against them) then Staunton should resign, himself – he should see the wood for the trees and realise that he will become a figure of ridicule and anger and I don’t think any “real” Irish football fan would want that to happen to our most capped player and one who appeared in 3 World Cups for us. The muppets at the F.A.I. need a wake up call too – maybe it’ll hit them when only 15,000 turn up in Croke Park and they need 40,000 just to break even … will the real Irish football please stand the f*ck up !

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