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Limbo is a gonner October 4, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

It’s official. Limbo, that Christian non-heavenly place of uncertain proportions, is about to be canned … put into limbo, if you will (sorry).

An article in today’s Irish Independent details a report that the Pope is about to scrap the notion of the existence of Limbo or more specifically “limbus infantium“, popularly meaning that from now on, all stillborn and deceased children who had yet to be baptised at the time of their death, will go straight to heaven. The article goes on to imply that the Pope is scrapping the idea because he wants to somehow “even the field” with Islam where stillborn and deceased children go straight to heaven. Bearing in mind his recent anti-Muslim remarks and the line in the article saying that the Pope is also “calculating to win the souls of the babies of the developing world for Christ”, I think the piece of writing raises a large and valid point. That is, Limbo is not actually an official part of Catholic doctrine. We, as Catholics, had be taught it was and had been taught it was a negative horrible place and to pray for poor souls lost in Limbo … yadda … yadda …

The Pope seems to have admitted, according to the article, that he personally doesn’t believe in Limbo either or that it ever existed, so now it appears that all that was drummed into us as kids in school is now balderdash or at best, a theological supposition. Therein lies my problem with religion. It assumes the right to be right both in fact, and over any other religion. And now it seems they can change their mind too … personally speaking, if God is as forgiving and merciful as we are led to believe (and do believe) why do we need all these restrictions about where people end up and don’t end up and can’t go and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Can’t we all just get along ?


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1. Gabby Hayes - December 1, 2006

Arrah cod forya – I’ve been doing the prayyyr for dem divils for yeeurs an now yoor tellin me tisgan? Ha? Well bad scran to ye all

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