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Pregnancy for Fathers : Weeks 32 & 33 September 29, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Fatherhood.

I’ve been neglecting my pregnancy blogging for more than a few reasons so am squashing a few weeks together to catch up. I was at the Ryder Cup for the last 10 days or so and haven’t been able to get near a PC.

“Our” pregnancy is starting to enter its final stages now, with the good wife (TGW) showing some of the signs of mid 3rd trimester pregnancy related aches and pains. We’ve had another scan this week and everything looks to be in good shape. As the baby gets bigger there is less room for it to move about, so kick counting has been suggested to us as a way of monitoring baby movement. Ten+ movements per day is a good indicator by all accounts but everyone’s pregnancy is (much) different. We are getting several groups of ten movements together which is a good sign that the baby is wriggling about in there. One problem I’m having is that I’ve nothing to compare this to so a symptom which might to me seem bad or out of place, to the trained eye is normal. I am prone to a bit of panic when I don’t understand important stuff like that but I’ll just have to inform myself and try to help TGW.

The bump is quite big and rounding out now, leading to TGW running out of maternity wear clothes which fit – we live in a small enough town and the choices are limited. For a long time it wasn’t really obvious that TGW was expecting (or “in the family way”) as they say in Ireland, but now theres no doubt! We also completed a lot of our shopping for the nursery. It needs to be painted and scrubbed and so on but it’s a job I will relish because it’s going to be my future son/daughter’s bedroom for God knows how long …

Symptoms-wise the TGW has been experiencing more of some and less of others. Her hands are swelling a little and she gets quite restless and itchy at night sometimes but we are doing what we can to alleviate what I can only imagine is very uncomfortable for her. As one of my friends said the other night “It’ll all be worth it when we see our baby !” That’s true but it seems to me now like time has slowed down and early November is ages away !

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