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Today’s grumble September 16, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Am I the only one who finds the following annoying ?
Mispronounced words – specifically, specifically ! it’s not the same word as the name of the biggest ocean in the world people !

Verb switching
– like the verb “to eat” being replaced by the verb “to take”. e.g. I was in a restaurant yesterday and “I took the chicken !” . Took it where ? Down the f*cking road with you ? or … or … the verb “to say” or at least the past participle “to speak” being replaced with the verb “to go” ! I mean, what the …. ? “He goes, will we take the beef ?”

“Sorry there” – the phrase is “Excuse me please !” or “Do you mind getting out of the way”. What are you sorry for ?

The Wolfe Tones – just them, as a concept and as a band.

PS: I’ve little to be worrying about !



1. Martin - September 20, 2006

While i agree with you on mispronounced words what really irritates me are cliches and current buzz words (e.g. going forward). Particularly guilty of this are business journalists and politicians whom it would seem are attempting to make up for their limited vocabulary by using trite words and phrases to expound their jaded ideas!

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