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Ireland : 15 September ’06 September 15, 2006

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Several interesting, distressing and frustrating items in the today’s news catch the Rambling Man’s eye, not the least of which is the decision yesterday of Judge John Neilan not to ban two male drivers caught speeding at over 190km an hour from driving.  Yes, you read it correctly – over 190km an hour – and they didn’t get disqualified from driving.

Leaving aside that one eejit was videoing the other, just ask yourself – what kind of signal does that give out ?  It’s the same question that Gay Byrne, the chairman of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) asks in today’s Irish Independent.   It appears that the reason the judge didn’t give a harsher punishment than the €2000 the men were fined, is that he “had to be mindful of previous sentencing”!  So are we to read from that, that if there is no precedent of someone getting put off the road for that sort of highly dangerous and law breaking offence, then they should be let off with just a €2000 fine ?   I can go out this evening and get 2 or more penalty points for lesser offences like not having my driving licence with me or not having everyone in my car buckled up … and you could be bloody sure that if a Guard stopped me (if there was a Guard about at all) that I would get the points !  These morons get caught at 190km an hour and get off without any endorsements !!!  F*cking hell – get me on a plane out of this lunatic asylum of a country. Get some balls judge !

On another sombre note, it appears that under the government’s recent “Hand in them ould guns” amnesty, only 30 weapons were received. Taking into account that most of the weapons handed in were starting pistols, air rifles and pellet guns I feel much safer in my bed at night now that they are out of commission.  New Táiniste and reigning Minister for Justice Michael McDowell has been quoted as saying he did not expect the scheme to have any effect on crime as criminals are unlikely to surrender their weapons. You think ?  At least you asked Michael …

Our thoughts are with the 81 year old woman pulled from her car in Dundalk last night and assaulted by the proverbial “gang of youths”.  What is the world coming to – apparently this old dear had slowed down her car as the youths were in the process of crashing another car on the road in front of her.  They then turned on her, dragged her out and drove off.  4 or 5 youths in a stolen Nissan Micra – mustn’t be too hard to spot ?  Well it’s hard if there is inconsistent Garda presence … anywhere … ever !

Jaysus, good news from Ireland is hard to find in the newspapers today but one piece of cheery banter that did catch our eye is the story of chap who strolled into Paddy Power’s bookies earlier this year and asked for odds on Liverpool (boo) not retaining the Champions League.  Having consulted with her odds-man by phone, the clerk gave him odds of 500/1!  The crafty lad put €20 on it and went to a nearby pub and got €40 from his mate and laid that on too, at the same seemingly baffling odds.  Lo-and-behold, when Liverpool got knocked out, our man returns to Paddy Power, dockets in hand, only to find that it was all a mistake !  The dastardly clerk meant to give him 1/500 on !  He can argue all he wants but apparently he has more chance of getting his money than Liverpool have of …..

And finally, it seems not all the crafty folks who tried to rent out their houses for the upcoming Ryder Cup have been successful – and this fella didn’t even try and rip people off …

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