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Pregnancy for Fathers : Week 30 September 4, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Fatherhood.

It’s week 30 today (well, actually half way to week 31) and things are still going well, thank God.

Visits to the doctor and the hospital are now starting to come around with more regularity. We had a scan last week and will go to the doctor’s this week and then every 2 weeks from then on, alternately.

The service from the doctors, nurses etc. has been excellent and apart from having to wait around a lot, the only little beef I have with the maternity process is that you have to beat the information out of them. On more than one occasion now, we have received letters asking us to come in and make an appointment etc. not knowing what was going on – and of course, in the back of your mind a little light goes off thinking that there might be something wrong. Once inside the offices and examination rooms, as I said, everything is fine but you have to stop and ask the medical person there “What is your name?” and “Are you a doctor or a midwife?” and “What are you about to do ?” sort of thing … I would’ve thought it would be more clearly mapped out but in fairness to them, they see literally 100s of people a day, all with similar concerns. Its only a small issue.

Baby wise, things are great. The missus’s belly is rounding out at the moment and she is feeling more intense movements as the child grows bigger. There is, of course, less room for the child to move about so everything you feel is more pronounced.

The guidebooks say that the child is 15 and a half inches by now so to put that into perspective, from the tops of its head to its heels (stretched out of course) that’s a bit longer than the width of an average computer screen. That seems a lot mind you – and theres no telling whether our child will be tall, small or anything else. We’ve decided not to find out anything until the big arrival day.

However, if I had a fiver for everyone who tells herself that “Your very neat!” and therefore it’s a boy, then we could go mad with the baby items we need to buy.

So it’s all ahead of us … and starting to hit home … I don’t really know how best to describe it … I just want to meet our child !

PS ; I’m presuming its quite normal not to agree on everything relating to the new arrival. We can’t agree on a lot of baby related matters at the moment – names being the most important one.

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1. Gerry O'Sullivan - September 8, 2006

As a recently-minted first-time dad, I know exactly what you mean. We decided not to find out the gender of our baby until the day of the birth, and we were pestered with people asking us why we didn’t want to know!

The last 10 weeks of pregnancy are amazing, as you can really feel (and even see) the baby moving.

One of the funniest things from our experience was that during the pregnancy I dreamt several times about the baby, but my wife didn’t. At least four times, I dreamt vividly that the baby would be a girl and that she would be born with a full head of hair. So convinced did I become that for the last few weeks I always referred to the baby as “she”.

And on 14 August, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…with a full head of hair.

Best wishes to both of you, and I hope that all is going smoothly.

PS – I’m going to link you in my blogroll, and would appreciate if you could reciprocate.

2. cp1302ger - September 8, 2006

thanks gerry – glad to hear youre good news – i too have had a vivid dream of two little children (who i felt were mine) standing in front of me – she even said her name … we’ll just have to wait and see

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