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A couple of cool sites September 1, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

This first of many link shout-outs goes to the folks at screenclick.com – a postal DVD delivery service sponsored by Domino’s pizza of all people …

screenclick.com is an easy-ish site to navigate (back button times out the page), is Irish owned and run out of Dublin and has a remarkable amount of DVDs available for selection. You know the score – you pays yer money, makes yer choice in the form of a wish-list, they send out the DVDs (postage really quick ! even for Ireland) and you send them back. Then it all happens again … their support line even emailed me back within 3 hours !

In my seemingly never ending need to find decent and affordable trousers and jeans to fit my ample figure, I came across the nifty online catalogue of Marks & Spencer dot com. Of course they don’t deliver to Ireland (who does !?) but very helpfully suggested that if I got the “T number” from the product I wanted and rang any of the Irish stores, they could have it within the week for collection ! Happy days – no more hours of trawling shelves and asking “Do you have this in a size a million ?” for me – I just ring and collect. It’d be great if they could actually make it over the border from Belfast because they deliver up there – I would’ve thought getting to the island in the first place was the biggest hassle … customer service was average by the way so be prepared to wait a while – I’m just so happy they can sort me out !

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