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Pregnancy for Fathers : Weeks 32 & 33 September 29, 2006

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I’ve been neglecting my pregnancy blogging for more than a few reasons so am squashing a few weeks together to catch up. I was at the Ryder Cup for the last 10 days or so and haven’t been able to get near a PC.

“Our” pregnancy is starting to enter its final stages now, with the good wife (TGW) showing some of the signs of mid 3rd trimester pregnancy related aches and pains. We’ve had another scan this week and everything looks to be in good shape. As the baby gets bigger there is less room for it to move about, so kick counting has been suggested to us as a way of monitoring baby movement. Ten+ movements per day is a good indicator by all accounts but everyone’s pregnancy is (much) different. We are getting several groups of ten movements together which is a good sign that the baby is wriggling about in there. One problem I’m having is that I’ve nothing to compare this to so a symptom which might to me seem bad or out of place, to the trained eye is normal. I am prone to a bit of panic when I don’t understand important stuff like that but I’ll just have to inform myself and try to help TGW.

The bump is quite big and rounding out now, leading to TGW running out of maternity wear clothes which fit – we live in a small enough town and the choices are limited. For a long time it wasn’t really obvious that TGW was expecting (or “in the family way”) as they say in Ireland, but now theres no doubt! We also completed a lot of our shopping for the nursery. It needs to be painted and scrubbed and so on but it’s a job I will relish because it’s going to be my future son/daughter’s bedroom for God knows how long …

Symptoms-wise the TGW has been experiencing more of some and less of others. Her hands are swelling a little and she gets quite restless and itchy at night sometimes but we are doing what we can to alleviate what I can only imagine is very uncomfortable for her. As one of my friends said the other night “It’ll all be worth it when we see our baby !” That’s true but it seems to me now like time has slowed down and early November is ages away !

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Phrase of the Day #34 September 29, 2006

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“He’s so thick he needs both hands to wipe his arse !”

Explanation : Both hands ? Either he couldn’t find it with the one hand or something completely different …

Ryder Cup : A Marshal’s Review #1 September 28, 2006

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I’ve just about recovered from my week long marshaling escapades at the K Club. What a great time I had ! What a frustrating time I had !

It’s too long to write about in one fell swoop, so I’ll take it a piece at a time.

Day One – Marshal’s Registration – Sunday, September 17th
Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the week previous to the Ryder Cup was set aside for marshal’s registration. Some 800 volunteers had applied to be part of the biggest sporting event ever held in Ireland and all trooped through the PGA National Clubhouse in Kildare at some point over this weekend. This registration was run by Ryder Cup Ireland with some help (as far as I could tell) from PGA of Europe. We collected our credentials, car parking permits, clothes and instructions from here and were in and out in 25 minutes – this was the first thing that worried me slightly – no training whatsoever ! Look at a video, where to stand and where not to stand and off with you. We were meant to arrive at the K Club on the Tuesday morning at 6am … I had been allocated to scoring duties and my cousin to the Player Care section. So far, apart from the “Is this it ?” sort of feeling, everything was grand … For the record, we each recieved 2 RC logo polo shirts, a long sleeved windcheater top, a jumper and a cap.

Day Two – Practise Day 1 – Tuesday, September 19th
Having been let in the staff entrance of the K Club grounds and not even once asked for ID to go with my marshal’s badge, we didn’t get scanned at all this morning. So I got my mobile phone in no problem. We were struck by the length of walk from the staff car parks to the tented village – it was about a mile and a half – and with nobody there to show us the way in the pitch black, we plodded along behind everyone else. We couldn’t read the signs in the dark as the road isn’t lit. Each marshal had received a letter detailing where to go and saying that we would receive our duties for the week at that initial meeting. It was the village scoreboard for me and I joined the other 30 or so marshals there on time.

The majority of marhsals, or at least head marshals, are 55+ and from England, or families of people from the UK, who as a hobby attend the majority of big golf tournaments as marshals. All the head marshals in my area were English (nothing wrong with that, except the pronunciation of the names !), but alas when the jobs had been handed out, yours truly didn’t appear on the list … at all. I had been reassigned to player care but still got the older letter. This meant I would be working with my cousin for the week and might actually get to meet some of the players … Happy Days !

My redeployment confirmed with the folks in Marshal’s Admin, I literally ran up the one road through the K Club to the site where the PCMs (Player Care Marshals) were congregating. It appeared that they hadn’t actually got any briefing as yet because some players were warming up on the practise range. We were marshalling the road crossings between the clubhouse and carpark and the practice range. We were told that after the players went out for 9 holes, we would have our initial meeting and be told what sort of stuff we would be doing for the week. As we marshalled the ropes and barriers, the security men who were supposed to be doing it (as we later learned) looked on in admiration. More to follow …
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Phrase of the Day #33 September 27, 2006

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“Can your mother sew ?”

Explanation : A very subtle one this – can be used in a few circumstances but we feel it better as the opening line in a manly challenge …

Phrase of the Day #32 September 23, 2006

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“You’re as thick as an Eddie Rockett’s milkshake !”

Explanation : Treacle passed off as milk – shaken. Thanks to Nil Satis Nisi Optimum for this.

Ryder Cup : the best and worst of Ireland September 23, 2006

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Apologies for the lack of posts but I’ve been working at the Ryder Cup in the K Club as a marshal for the past 5 days and I’ve not been able to get near a computer.

I’m going to tell it like it is …. was …. at the bigest sporting event Ireland has ever held. Stay tuned – some of it ain’t pretty !

Today’s grumble September 16, 2006

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Am I the only one who finds the following annoying ?
Mispronounced words – specifically, specifically ! it’s not the same word as the name of the biggest ocean in the world people !

Verb switching
– like the verb “to eat” being replaced by the verb “to take”. e.g. I was in a restaurant yesterday and “I took the chicken !” . Took it where ? Down the f*cking road with you ? or … or … the verb “to say” or at least the past participle “to speak” being replaced with the verb “to go” ! I mean, what the …. ? “He goes, will we take the beef ?”

“Sorry there” – the phrase is “Excuse me please !” or “Do you mind getting out of the way”. What are you sorry for ?

The Wolfe Tones – just them, as a concept and as a band.

PS: I’ve little to be worrying about !

Ireland : 15 September ’06 September 15, 2006

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Several interesting, distressing and frustrating items in the today’s news catch the Rambling Man’s eye, not the least of which is the decision yesterday of Judge John Neilan not to ban two male drivers caught speeding at over 190km an hour from driving.  Yes, you read it correctly – over 190km an hour – and they didn’t get disqualified from driving.

Leaving aside that one eejit was videoing the other, just ask yourself – what kind of signal does that give out ?  It’s the same question that Gay Byrne, the chairman of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) asks in today’s Irish Independent.   It appears that the reason the judge didn’t give a harsher punishment than the €2000 the men were fined, is that he “had to be mindful of previous sentencing”!  So are we to read from that, that if there is no precedent of someone getting put off the road for that sort of highly dangerous and law breaking offence, then they should be let off with just a €2000 fine ?   I can go out this evening and get 2 or more penalty points for lesser offences like not having my driving licence with me or not having everyone in my car buckled up … and you could be bloody sure that if a Guard stopped me (if there was a Guard about at all) that I would get the points !  These morons get caught at 190km an hour and get off without any endorsements !!!  F*cking hell – get me on a plane out of this lunatic asylum of a country. Get some balls judge !

On another sombre note, it appears that under the government’s recent “Hand in them ould guns” amnesty, only 30 weapons were received. Taking into account that most of the weapons handed in were starting pistols, air rifles and pellet guns I feel much safer in my bed at night now that they are out of commission.  New Táiniste and reigning Minister for Justice Michael McDowell has been quoted as saying he did not expect the scheme to have any effect on crime as criminals are unlikely to surrender their weapons. You think ?  At least you asked Michael …

Our thoughts are with the 81 year old woman pulled from her car in Dundalk last night and assaulted by the proverbial “gang of youths”.  What is the world coming to – apparently this old dear had slowed down her car as the youths were in the process of crashing another car on the road in front of her.  They then turned on her, dragged her out and drove off.  4 or 5 youths in a stolen Nissan Micra – mustn’t be too hard to spot ?  Well it’s hard if there is inconsistent Garda presence … anywhere … ever !

Jaysus, good news from Ireland is hard to find in the newspapers today but one piece of cheery banter that did catch our eye is the story of chap who strolled into Paddy Power’s bookies earlier this year and asked for odds on Liverpool (boo) not retaining the Champions League.  Having consulted with her odds-man by phone, the clerk gave him odds of 500/1!  The crafty lad put €20 on it and went to a nearby pub and got €40 from his mate and laid that on too, at the same seemingly baffling odds.  Lo-and-behold, when Liverpool got knocked out, our man returns to Paddy Power, dockets in hand, only to find that it was all a mistake !  The dastardly clerk meant to give him 1/500 on !  He can argue all he wants but apparently he has more chance of getting his money than Liverpool have of …..

And finally, it seems not all the crafty folks who tried to rent out their houses for the upcoming Ryder Cup have been successful – and this fella didn’t even try and rip people off …

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Phrase of the day #31 September 15, 2006

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“Do you want to wake up with a crowd around ya ?”

Explanation : One presumes this is the sort of thing you utter to the eejit giving you a hard time in the pub, just before you run out the back exit.

Civilization IV – addicted ! September 14, 2006

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Hi, we’re from “The Rambling Man” and we’re addicted !

I’ve been trying to battle it for the last 4 or 5 days but I’ve failed. Straight up, I have to admit that I am addicted. Addicted to Civilization IV, the (relatively) new all-conquering build-your-empire game from Sid Meier and Fireaxis.

Civilization IV is the 4th installment of the popular empire building game, Civilization. I’ll spare you the details but for anyone who is into empire building games, then this game is the sh*t ! You have complete control over your race of people and you build cities, buildings, armies, ships … the whole 9 yards – the aim of the game is to win by a certain date or achieve a victory over your opponents (played by the PC) in any number of ways.

Think of the scenarios – the English have just invaded the South of my empire and the Barbarians are giving me hassle from the North. My archers are no match for their pike men – what am I going to develop next ? The French are not pleased with me because I wouldn’t trade them iron but that would allow them to out develop me … The control that the game gives you over movement and development and research is out of this world.

I’m seriously hooked – I dream about it, compose strategies while I’m driving along in the car, think that if I had done something differently then such and such would’ve happened. Get this game or at least read more about it here … and feel free to tell me I’m completely sad and should be looking after my pregnant wife – that’s what she said too !

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Mistake or pure thick ? You decide September 13, 2006

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I know it has been said before, but God there are some dumb arseholes in this country !

Having just had lunch, myself and my mate were walking back to our cars when we realised that his car was going nowhere because ……. taa daa

image11.jpg image21.jpg image3.jpg

Some f*cking w*nkers had parked over the exit – eejit#1 comes along in his Saab and parks in the exit despite there being free spaces both in the car park and further down the road and then to top off matters, eejit#2 in the Merc comes along and fully clogs up the bloody exit. There are free spaces literally 10 yards to the right of these pictures which leads me to believe that the occupiers of the cars can only have been as thick as a bucket of sh*t ! I mean why else would you park there ? You couldn’t possibly think that these were ligitimate spaces could you ?

Having hopped off the horn for a few minutes to see did they just “leave” the car there for a few seconds while they ran into the shop or something, my friend finally had to escape over the grass verge and high footpath bumping the suspension of his car along the ground as he did it ! Grrrrrrrrr…………

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Oh me nerves ! September 13, 2006

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Have you ever heard anyone say “Oh, poor Mrs. Murphy, she has a problem with her nerves !” or “Ah, John’s nerves are at him !” I mean, what the ….. ? Don’t you mean they have a nervous problem ?

It seems in Ireland, “your nerves” as opposed to being your “nerve endings” or the things that allow you to feel, are indicators of your nervousness and ability to stand up to harrowing situations. What kind of an backwards bastardisation of a word is that ? People – your nerves mean your nerves – the things that carry messages from your brain to your wherever !

Stuff like that just gets on my nerves !! (aaaaaahhhh)

Phrase of the Day #30 September 12, 2006

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“God love her, she hasn’t the brains God gave a worm !”

Explanation : Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a clever worm …

Review : Radisson Hotel & Spa, Cork September 12, 2006

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Having recently brought the heavily pregnant wife for a relaxing weekend away, I thought the hotel where we stayed – the Radisson SAS Hotel and Spa, Little Island Cork – well worth a mention here.

Little Island is just to the east of Cork city and is about 10 minutes by car from the centre of town. The hotel and spa, although situated close to the main road and in the middle of an industrial estate business park, could not be more pleasant. I had previously stayed here on business earlier in the year and having loved the spa and pool facilities, decided to bring the missus back for an well earned few days of R&R.

The hotel itself is an older town house type building attached onto quite a modern but not so aesthetically pleasing structure. The Georgian building which looks lovely both outside and in, is used for the hotel’s conference facilities and having been there before, I can assert that these are great too. Last time I was a guest, there was a strong smell of chlorine in the lobby that hit you as soon as you walked in the door. This time however, they appear to have sorted that problem out.

Having checked-in, in under 5 minutes we took the elevator to our room – there are only two floors so the corridors are quite long. They are however very modern and tastefully decorated with canvas prints of beautiful non-plastic Paddy Irish scenes adorning the walls with bright red and blue carpets and colours – honestly, it looks much better than in sounds.

The room itself was great – slightly larger than your average double hotel room with a good en suite bathroom with bath.  The room also had a table and chairs, coffee making facilities and fridge and so on. The plasma screen TV complete with working remote control and properly tuned-in channels was a real plus. Our room was directly over the pool and spa and this in turn is right outside/over the front door of the hotel. Having noticed that there seemed to be the startings of a wedding reception being planned for the next day, we were a little worried about the noise levels we might have to endure. These fears, I am glad to say, were unfounded. The hotel staff were excellent too and promptly sent a chap from housekeeping to change our bed into a double from 2 singles. Room service was ordered, was prompt and tasty as well as being very good value for money.

I cannot say enough good things about the spa and pool. It was clean, not over crowded and the bits and bobs in the pool area like jet waterfalls, spouts with high pressure water, bubble beds and Jacuzzi type thingies were all cool – and soothed our aches and pains away really well.

Breakfast was also a pleasure, with a plentiful supply of fresh fruit, breads, cold meats and cereal, tea and coffee, juices, cheese – whatever you’re having yourself basically. Of course, there’s the usual gut buster “Irish” items too …

So all in all, for €218 for the weekend for 2, I couldn’t recommend this hotel highly enough – oh, and that wedding ? never heard a thing – they have specially installed sound proof doors on the great ballroom – you couldn’t hear anything even with the band in full swing, if you walked outside the room !

Rambling Man rating : 8.5 /10

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Pregnancy for Fathers : Week 31 September 11, 2006

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31 weeks – bloody hell … as one of my mates said over the weekend … sure that’ll be no time “running in” ! No time is right. No time to do anything and we have so much left to do.

Nursery preparations are in full swing this week. I’ve been delegated a lengthy but necessary to-do list by my lovely wife and I’m happy she’s the kind of woman who will actually tell me to do things about the house and not get crazy mad because I didn’t think of them myself. Guys and being domesticated and all that … she did, however, get me this book [ Household Management for Men ] which apart from being really, really practical, explains all the stuff we need to know in a way that is both entertaining and non-condescending.

This weekend we bought our first baby items, with the thought and hope that we weren’t about to jinx the whole thing lurking somewhere in the back of our minds. Our new travel system rocks ! and we don’t even have anyone to put in it yet. Its one of those all-in-one car seats, carry cot and buggy things – I look forward to not being able to fold it down and put it in the car at the most inopportune time. We also got a changing table and a cuddly toy. The other baby in the house, i.e. the dog, took an immediate liking to said cuddly toy so we couldn’t take it from her !

Baby belly-wise things are plodding along nicely. My better half had her fortnightly doctor’s appointment this past Friday and all was well as far as they could tell. In these appointments they follow a set line of enquiry as to what they test for and look for each time. Each symptom or lack of it is then used to diagnose any potential issues. They test your pee for anti-bodies and other things that could indicate a problem. The baby’s dimensions are measured in so far as measuring a tummy can indicate. The heartbeat is also listened to and it’s pretty cool of you’re an expectant father like me, just standing there feeling pretty useless. It goes much faster than the woman’s heartbeat and is a very reassuring sound when the doctor locates it and plays it back on his Doppler device. Stuff like blood pressure and perhaps blood tests are also taken at visits like this.

Herself is starting to get more regular aches and pains in the places where one would expect the baby is putting pressure. It’s funny when you read through the guidebooks together and kind of tick off to yourself which symptoms you have and which you don’t. They all say it’s not the best idea to compare pregnancies with your friends or relatives as all babies develop differently so just because your partner didn’t feel something or doesn’t have this that and the other, doesn’t mean something is wrong at all. The movements are still banging away quite frequently but because the baby is growing they feel more like twists and turns and swishes rather than actual kicks.

Not long to go now … for the meantime, all I can practically do is give my missus the help she needs (armed with new book) and paint the nursery. Bring it on !

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Phrase of the day #29 September 11, 2006

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“He’s so thick, he uses his head to keep the rain off his neck.”

Explanation : I’m still trying to get a good, mental picture of this one … doesn’t everyone’s head keep the rain off their neck in some way ?

Phrase of the day #28 September 10, 2006

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“He wouldn’t get a kick of a beach ball in a phone box !”

Explanation : A multi-use phrase this one … either “He’s so useless that …” or “He’s so ugly that …”

Mary steps down, Michael steps in again September 10, 2006

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Poor ould Mary Harney has finally decided to call it a day as party leader of the Progressive Democrats, with immediate effect.  Her resignation as party leader won’t, for the moment, effect her role as “Minister for ill Health” but she won’t be carrying on as Táiniste any more.  So when the (considerable) dust settles over the weekend, there will have to be a new leader either elected or selected by the members of the PDs.

The Minister for Justice, <takes a deep breath>, Michael “What planning regulations ?” McDowell has of course declared his interest in taking the party forward into the coming general election but besides himself there would appear at this early stage, to only be a few others willing to throw their hats into the ring against the mad Mullah. Tom “I used to be a farmer” Parlon and “Lucious” Liz O’Donnell are the only ones likely to challenge the big man for the job. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out – very soon we might have this man as the deputy prime minister of the country …

An interesting quote from his website says “Don’t wash your hands of the democratic process and leave the field entirely to others if you aren’t willing to accept the outcome. Politics do matter.”

Off you go so Michael – there are tonnes of difficult questions waiting to be answered right here.

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Phrase of the day #27 September 8, 2006

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“I don’t believe it when people say you’re two faced. If you were, why would you use that face !”

Explanation : Another reader submission … getting better. Can be applied to either sex of course. Can be used a great comeback line.

This week’s grumble September 8, 2006

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Several things have pissed off the folks at the Rambling Man this week whilst out and about on our rambles … (em, we really mean lunchtime).

Aberrant apostrophes – for example, the possessive pronoun [its] as opposed to [it’s], when every other possessive pronoun has an apostrophe. [It’s] means “it is”. [Its] means “belonging to it”. Don’t get me started on apostrophes in plural’s (oooops !)

People who piss in the street – like the homeless guy I saw yesterday not doing himself any favours, as he relieved himself in broad daylight against a gate of a graveyard …

Mobile phones other than Nokia – I upgraded to a rival brand recently, only to find the functionality was shite compared to the Nokia – now I can’t bring the thing back … and my old one won’t work because my brother-in-law dropped water on it …

Pigeons with mangled feet – this one just freaks me out – how do so many pigeons have bad feet ?

The Ryder Cup – a different ball game September 7, 2006

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With the 36th Ryder Cup now only a matter of days away, I am starting to get a small bit excited. Being an avid, obsessive but only occasionally capable golfer, this is like the World Cup for me. And it’s in Ireland for the first and, who knows, maybe only time.

Having secured myself a marshal’s job for the entire Ryder Cup week, I am now desperately trying to put thoughts of supervising car parks or cleaning portaloos out of my mind and hoping that I will, at the very least, get one of the roles that allows me to see some quality golf.

The Ryder Cup as a phenomenon strikes a great cord with me. Bad as I can be at the sport, I always play to do well and play to win – as my mother would say “There’s a fierce streak of somethin’ in ya !”. Needless to say, I don’t always remain cool, calm and collected on the course. And that’s why the Ryder Cup and its unique atmosphere appeals to me more than anything – here we have a very competitive set of matches between normally cool headed and ultra-professional sportsmen, who in their quest to concentrate (mostly) don’t let the various disturbances that can ocurr get the better of them or their performance. Take Tiger Woods as the supreme example – how many times a round does he or his caddy Steve Williams have to ask an idiot in the crowd to be quiet or to put away their camera or to stop shouting “Yooo da maaan !” at him ?

But the Ryder Cup changes all that – now open and encouraged camaraderie and competitiveness are to the fore and the players have to rise to the occasion. They want to win – not a one man game anymore but a team game – and that’s why golf is so great as a team sport. It’s so much more interesting than watching individual golfers battle their minds and the courses. It’s 12 against 12 in the greatest show of skill, bravado and golfing enthusiasm that you can get. And it’s in Ireland ! The show itself begins on September 19th with 3 days of practice, where those of us lucky enough to be there will get to see the teams up close before the hordes join the galleries from Friday thru Sunday.

So what do people think about the biggest sporting event that Ireland has ever hosted ? In my opinion it can only be good for the economy and I’m trusting the authorities that the Ryder Cup trusted when giving the event to Ireland, that “all that needs to be done, will be done” … (to quote the Minister for Sport).

This includes the seemingly harebrained park and ride facilities, the lists of stuff you can and can’t bring into the grounds and the limits on ticket sharing etc. How it all comes off remains to be seen but I’m sure our American cousins won’t be too short on letting us know if they think we are ripping them off. When it comes down to it, I just want to see some quality golf – where else can I see Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson play Pádraig Harrington and José Maria Olazabal, an hour’s drive from my house ??

Good luck to both teams and come on Europe !

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Phrase of the day #26 September 7, 2006

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“I wouldn’t climb over her, to get to you.”

Explanation : Continuing on the theme of comeback lines …

Phrase of the day #25 September 6, 2006

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“If you dragged him by the heels, you could plough a field !”

Explanation : Such are the size his choppers that drill upon drill of Kerr’s Pink could be sown …

Review : Beckett’s, Dunmore Rd., Waterford September 6, 2006

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We stopped at this restaurant the other evening and I must say, were most pleasantly surprised. Those of you from Waterford or around, will remember this place formerly as Orpen’s on the Dunmore Road. It was the dingy sort of place that the bar flies would turn and look at you when you walked in the door …

Now under new management and completely redecorated inside, it is a rather nice restaurant where you couldn’t go wrong for a bite of decent, hearty, homemade fare of an evening.

There were 4 of us and we took a table in the large garden outside, free from the noise of the busy road and were seated at wooden tables. They have the kind of garden furniture you don’t have to climb over to sit on and where the seats are not connected to the table itself – important for my somewhat elderly mother.

The menu itself is broad and fairly priced with an emphasis on seafood, most of which is sourced locally from Dunmore village. The wine menu is extensive aswell but not being a wine connoisseur , I didn’t indulge. I am assured they were also satisfactory.

We sampled a good variety of the food and found it all to be well cooked and presented with the portion sizes more than adequate. The service was also noticable by it’s unobtrusiveness, which for me is always a plus.

Soup of the Day : Chicken Liver Paté : Mussels in wine sauce
Chicken curry
Beer battered cod and homemade chips
Roast Pork
Braised Lamb Shank

All the meat dishes were cooked properly and fell off the bone in the case of the lamb. The curry was made with fruit and proper ground spices rather than horrible bright yellow sauce “out of a jar” which is an all too common occurrence nowadays. The beer battered cod was light and crispy and the fish itself very tasty. Along with a few “minerals”, a few “short ones” and a pint, the bill came to a very decent €84 plus tip.

All in all, an enjoyable experience, good service, good homemade food, nothing fancy about it – somewhere to call in to when you couldn’t be bothered cooking …

Rambling Man rating : 7 / 10

Kevin Myers – love him or hate him September 5, 2006

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I feel I have to comment on a recent article by journalist Kevin Myers. Writing in the Irish Independent (subscription req. 😦 for this bit) on Wednesday 30th August, Myers writes an article entitled “We are an immoral people. We have morals to be sure, we just don’t keep them.”

Having read the article, I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with him – and that fact surprised me because most of what I read by the same journalist, I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Myers insists we work and live in an immoral society with a disregard for social values and decencies. I would like to add that not only do we live in an immoral society from top to bottom but also an oxymoronic (sic) society where the majority of people might agree with the lack of morals while at the same time doing the same immoral deeds Myers refers to in his article. We’ve all done it !

I quote :

“We have morals to be sure, we just don’t keep them. This is one of our defining features. It is everywhere. The plumber who turns up 3 days late, the woman who leaves her car straddling 2 supermarket parking spaces … the people who think they are great characters if they arrive an hour late for dinner…”.

He goes on to say :

“… these are the small signs that we have an entirely provisional attitude to social decencies … Magnify this virus, and you no longer have the common cold that is wrongly regarded as a charming and everyday Irish idiosyncrasy, but you have the cancer that is the systemic violation of the rule of law – and at every level.”

I was just wondering what people thought about that ?  How many times have you just pulled up on the pavement or indeed left the car still jutting out into a traffic lane and stuck the hazards on for a few minutes because you were just nipping over to the ATM … or how many times have we broken the speed limit because you thought it was too low ? We all do things such as Myers describes, but never before did I think (until now) that we could be contributing to the overall lack of social decency in this country.

And that is just my point.  We do these small things because we think they are OK or that we can get away with them … of course, none of us agrees with the bigger picture of government corruption or lack of this, that and the other but did you ever stop to think that small things is where it starts ?  Can we link these “small” things that we do everyday to the likes of  “… allowing the IRA to use Ireland as a base of operations for the past 25 years …” as Myers suggests.  We put up with them didn’t we ?  Condemned them on the one hand and did nothing much to stop them (until the 1990s) on the other …

Is then, as Myers says, the “endemic moral laziness in Irish life” effecting the betterment of the country ?  or are we content to disregard these seemingly inconsequential misdeeds and overlook the bigger faults all because, ah sure it’s just in our nature … sure I’ll only be gone for 2 minutes … begorrah, bejaysis sir, toppa the mornin’ …

Note : To read the article you’ll have to get the paper – it’s not online unfortunately.

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