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Pregnancy for Fathers : Week 29 August 29, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Fatherhood.

Well week 29 is here and the arrival grows ever closer. We had an appointment at the hospital this week and all is well – it seems my calculations were (as Laura pointed out) a little off because it seems we are actually 30 weeks and 3 days along … so keep a watch out for Week 30’s post at the end of this week. It’s hospital / doctor every alternating 2 weeks from here on in.

This is a somewhat strange time for me – there is about 9 weeks to go now but it seems that time is slowing down again the way it did when we first found out that we were expecting. I guess when you spend every day with someone you don’t see them changing as quickly as they actually are. At the moment having a bad back and maggoty legs are the only indicators that things are changing. Well at least to my uneducated eye … This time when we went for the scan (which we only knew we’d get once we arrived), they were not just checking to see if the baby was OK but all sorts of things like weight and length and level of fluid around the baby, breathing and so on … is this really happening ?

Having paid a visit this past weekend to relatives with a small 9 month old child (adorable, of course) it has hit me square between the eyes that, please God, in a matter of weeks, we will be in charge of a small little person ! I used the brief time with the relatives to have my first non-botched nappy changing experience – the original one was when the same child was 4 months old and it didn’t go well. Think armpits ! The parents of the child seemed so organised – they had all the stuff, knew what and when to feed the kid and so on … I know none of that but I guess it comes in time. It also surprised me that when said child chucked up her dinner in the middle of crawling along the floor that I sprang up and cleaned it without even thinking … there must be male hormones on the go in sync with the female ones than induce some sort of cluckiness or latent responsibility in me – I dunno … Our little one is now around the 15cm/2.2 lb mark but I stand to be corrected as the bloody firewall in my office has blocked out the pregnancy newsletter I signed up for.

A lot of practical things are now beginning to fall into place to welcome the little one into the world – how lucky we are to be able to afford such things as a nursery and all that goes with it … the painting starts this weekend and the consensus is that it will be an “off-white” (I let her make the colour decisions because to me, mauve is just a shade of red) with a Winnie the Pooh border … Thomas the Tank Engine got voted down in case it’s a girl. Fair enough.

Another interesting thing happened this week and I don’t know whether to put any credence to it at all – the wife was on the phone to her Mum in Sweden and said that people have told her she’s “very neat”. Immediately the MIL said that the child must be a boy … has anyone heard of the way a woman is carrying the child being an indicator of the gender ? Maybe if a midwife said it I’d believe it …



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