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Ireland : 24 August ’06 August 24, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

A few items of note from the ould country today.

There appears to be a growing security threat in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary of all places, as there’s a man barricaded into his house and he’s threatening to blow it, himself and all around to high heavens. The house on Rosemary Street has been cordoned off with businesses shutting down and people being evacuated. At least the local TD, Michael Smith seems to know what is going on when he says “He appears to have certain pieces of equipment which would lead one to the view that it could be harmful but there is no proof of that.” he said. So hence the Garda cordon and the bomb disposal experts – better safe than sorry I guess …

Elsewhere its good to know that the Irish oil worker from Co. Galway, who was taken hostage in Nigeria, has been released. Apparently over in this area, kidnappings are a regular occurrence with most people being freed unharmed within days – it seems that these oil companies still make money even after paying high ransom figures … madness. It’s not altogether clear whether the bosses at US firm Halliburton (what are they doing in Nigeria ?) paid a ransom for the release of the men or not … I’d be on the next plane home if I was them !

Good luck to Derry City who are back in UEFA cup action tonight after their excellent 5-1 away win over Gretna of Scotland a week or so ago. If they get through tonight’s game (and it’s unlikely Gretna will win 5-0 away), then they are into the 1st round proper of the UEFA cup. If they get a good draw there, who knows what might happen …

It appears the tracksuited drug pushing scumbags who inhabit our capital city in droves have taken to plying their wares on the famous Liffey boardwalk and in broad daylight. The story, taken from the Irish Independent today, is utter madness. People are now afraid to have their lunch on the boardwalk because of the hordes of junkies buying and selling drugs.

Please can somebody tell me why there are no Guards about ? because there aren’t enough of them , that’s why. If a reporter for the Irish Independent can picture people openly selling drugs and everyone knows about it, why don’t the Guards bust them ? Apparently only two Guards were there on duty the whole day … there should be fifty bloody two once they know it’s going on … and stop and search every bloody one of the w*nkers.

And finally on a somewhat lighter note, spare a thought for the would-be bank robber in Austria who tried to hold up his local town hall instead of the local bank. Having realised his error, he fled, only to be nabbed when he returned a while later to pick up his bike, which he had left outside ! And you thought these things only happened in bad Bruce Willis movies …

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