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Pregnancy for Fathers : Week 28 August 21, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Fatherhood.

Another week gone with several interesting facts learned along the way. After all the books I’ve been flicking through and all the websites I’ve been surfing, it seems you always do “learn something new everyday”.

I’ve been reading up on the subject of “lightening”, which is basically when your baby drops a little into the pelvis in preparation for the upcoming labour. Apparently with first time mothers this can be as early as 4 to 6 weeks before the due date so we’ve got a few weeks to go, but it’s an interesting addition to the thoughts of what the next couple of months are going to hold.

The sprog itself is kicking its mother quite regularly as is moving and wiggling about lots every day, as if to say “stop changing position Mummy !” … it also really reacts to the brand of orange squash the missus drinks as well … sugar free apparently ! The wife has also got creepy-crawly legs at night which might explain the bruises on my legs … the cheese wedge shaped pillow I bought for her seems to be doing the trick supporting the bump though …

Development wise, the books say that this is the time of the pregnancy when the brain is continuously developing so I must make a point of stopping on the way home to get some fish – isn’t that supposed to be good for our brain ?
We also paid our first visit to a nursery shop this weekend – it’s funny because it’s situated in the back of a well known toy store and the only adults who are allowed by the excited kids to make it that far are expectant mothers or first-timers like us. Good niche in the market that – catering for all ages of children, even the ones not yet born !

Anyone got any views on unusual but manageable names for boys ? Traditional Irish names need not apply (her idea, not mine !)

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