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Advertising – gotta love it ! August 17, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery.

Don’t you just get a kick out of advertising ? It’s just plain mad the way some of the adverts out there are presented to us …

I’m talking about stuff like ads for sandwiches containing “our specially carved ham” or “our oven roasted” wholegrain bread … for one thing isn’t all ham “carved” in some way ?

I mean there isn’t a point in saying that it’s carved because in order to get into slice form it has to be cut or carved in some way anyway right ? I guess the idea is that into our heads pops this wondrous image of the most luscious sandwich you could imagine, with ham lovingly prepared by a top French chef who has spent his morning pouring over rich honey covered joints of the finest cuts of meat just to carve a few slices specially for you … only for them to end up in a plastic triangle in Ireland 3 days later tasting like shoe leather !

Hands down, my personal favourite at the moment has to be the blurb on the tins of dog food we bought for our beloved mutt. Wait for it … it contains “specially selected chunks”. Now not “specially selected chunks of beef or chicken or some sort of meat” … no, just “specially selected chunks with beef” … what the hell does that mean ?

That’s got to be the definitive ‘most horrible job in the world’ – well I’m presuming that if the chunks (whatever they are) are “specially selected”, there must be a guy (or gal) sitting there at a conveyor belt saying “Yep we’ll take that one. Oh I don’t think that one makes the grade. Yes that one will do !” and so on … specially put-in-a-can chunks from a vat of stewed shite more like it. The dog would still eat it – just don’t make it think its eating chicken chasseur or something … 🙂

Labels and adverts aside, it seems the unnerving ability to describe mutton dressed up as lamb (or offal dressed up as “selected chunks”) also stretches to people in stores and shops and as I have recently noticed, air stewards. Picture the scene – we pay €2000+ to fly to the other side of the world with a well renowned airline and are looking forward to some excellent in-flight service. We’ve heard good things. The steward approaches with a platter of something bound to be better than your average airplane fodder … “Tonight ladies and gentlemen, our chef has carefully prepared a sumptuous shrimp and cheese omelette for your delight …” What we got – a cold lump of egg sponge bet into the side of a small white box.

These people can say anything and we’ll believe them …

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1. Coastal Aussie - August 18, 2006


I just came across your blog through a link from JL Pagano’s blog.

I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far… especially the phrase of the day. I also wanted to comment on a question you asked some time ago, concerning people moving to Ireland and if the move enriched their lives.

Well, I’ve been told of a lady who married an Irishman while he was out here in Oz. They moved back to Dublin, and I hear tell that she was miserable for 2 years. But, now she loves it. It must have been a big adjustment for her. She is from Sydney and I think the rain, and being away from family, were the biggest issues.

Do you mind if I ask a question… most of the phrases ( which are very funny ) are about people looking unattractive.. is that a theme in Ireland? Or, are there also many phrases about a person being very good looking…. for example, so good looking that you’d hillwalk for days in the rain, just to glimpse them?

I’m just curious about this topic…. thanks !

And big congratulations on the baby, best of luck for the birth and the future.

2. cp1302ger - August 21, 2006

cheers mate – reading that comment is a good start to the week – yeah unattractiveness is a common theme in the phrases alright – there are a few about other stuff on the way … note to self : must be more diverse

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