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Ireland : 16 August ’06 August 16, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

Nothing but death and destruction in Éireann today it seems. It appears that murderers are taking every opportunity in this ‘end of silly season lull’ to create carnage all round them.

And there are a few mad men and women roaming our streets too.  Not least the chap who ran into the Irish football team’s hotel brandishing what turned out to be a fake Uzi machine gun (where do you get a ‘fake but real’ looking Uzi ?) at Steve Staunton.  According to the papers the man is badly in need of treatment for his depression but one can’t help but wonder did the recent shite poor performances by the Irish team have anything to do with his decision ?

A homeless man was brutally killed in Tralee yesterday, along with an 80 year old paedophile in south Dublin.  The Gords have arrested a woman in connection with the shotgun killing in Cork of a father of two.  The kids were apparently, within ear shot of the whole incident.  Jaysus the whole place is going stone mad.  I think I’ll move to Limerick to get away from it all …

Spare a thought too for the wonderful Maori people of New Zealand, who are today in mourning for their Queen, Te Ata, who died yesterday, aged 75. I, for one, didn’t realise there was a royal family in New Zealand but it seems Dame Te Ata was the 6th Maori monarch – an institution that was formed in response to Maori land losses when the Europeans started arriving years ago …

Today is also a momentous day for the 50,000 odd students around the country who will receive their (dreaded) Leaving Certificate results. I remember the day well – our results were actually read from the pulpit by our priest Principal – nothing like sharing the good news with the rest of your year then ? The results show positive happenings in the subjects of Economics, French and Biology but less favourable outcomes overall in Maths, History and Physics amongst others. Hats off to the girls who once again outshone the boys in overall results. Watch out for the hoardes of partying students tonight so …

And finally, today’s shout out goes to those 2 wonderful and terribly original scutterin’ gobsheens, Podge & Rodge. Check out today’s issue of the Star (p.17) for their guide to college life … it starts off “As you’re rubbing Aloe Vera lotion into your sun-burnt mickey …” Sure only they’d get away with it !

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