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Pregnancy for Fathers : Week 27 August 14, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in Fatherhood.

Week 27 is here and almost gone at the same time.  Her good self has been pregnant for 27 weeks !  That’s 189 out of a possible 280 days.  She’s been pregnant for 4,536 hours …  I am obsessed with this whole thing.

The past week has been steady enough – doctor’s check-ups, hospital visit, shouts of “Jeeeeezus, it just kicked so hard it hurt !” and “That’s gotta be an elbow !”   The biggest things I’m noticing are the increase in bump size and her cute tendency to walk with her hand underneath to support its weight.

I’ve also started to examining the bump a bit more to see whether we can determine what position the next generation is lying in.  What we felt yesterday (a really hard round shape) is in fact, its back and not its head, as we thought.  The doc also had a listen to the heartbeat and it’s going like the clappers which is a good sign.  Quite a difference to be heard between Mum’s hearbeat and the babys.

As for the measurements of it and so on, we’re told the baby is about 14.4 inches long and weighs about two pounds. He’s opening and closing his eyes. He can suck his thumb and can dream apparently.  Its getting into quite a kicking routine, being very active in the mornings and not so much during the day.  Then it starts again about 6 or 7 in the evening and goes bananas after meal times.  Herself has also said she’s had to get up and walk around a bit in the middle of the night because he/she was kicking so much.  Thankfully I am a sound sleeper and have been known to sleep through an earthquake !  Can’t see it lasting much later than November 7th though … Another thing I learned was thats why babies cry so much early on during the night – it used to be their time for kicking and squiggling when in the womb !

A friend of my Mum’s said to me the other day to start thinking about school and where we wanted to send the kid !  I mean its not even born yet !  It’s all the rage, apparently to have your kid down on several lists while its still in-utero … schools, day-care, community service as opposed to military service (if we were to move to Sweden – the birth place of my better half) … the mind boggles …



1. laura - August 14, 2006

you are incorrect on your pregnancy stats. the earliest a woman can become pregnant is 14 days before here next period is due. you don’t ovulate for at least 14 days from the first day of your last period by the same token. that is to say, if your period is a week late and you have a 28 day cycle, then, to simplify matters, you are 5 weeks pregnant. but in actual fact you are only 3 weeks pregnant. but the actual moment of conception is so hard to pin point (especially if you have been having lots of sex in hope of conceiving) then, to simplify matters you are x weeks pregnant from the last day of your periond. did your good wife not tell you this? go read a book on pregnancy. if she didn’t tell you this, it will……….. 🙂

btw, your obsession with the pregnancy is very unusual for a man….. are you sure you are not the actual mother to be pretending to be a man? 🙂 (shit stirring)

2. cp1302ger - August 15, 2006

i stand corrected ! but still excited

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