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What to do in bad weather August 11, 2006

Posted by Rambling Man in General Bloggery, Ireland & the Irish.

During a recent bout of self imposed insomnia, something important struck me whilst wading through the usual plethora of mind numbing reality TV programs, wild police chases and amazing rescue videos. What if any of that stuff ever happened where I live and work, or God forbid, if it ever happened to me or mine !

Today seems like the perfect environment for it all the same because as I sit and look out my dreary office window, it might as well be November instead of August. I cannot see past the misty rain that has been falling since about 8.30am this morning. It’s cold, it’s windy and the weather men are predicting all sorts of bad weather coming our way – we might even be affected by floods. The footpaths are already (if you’ll pardon the pun) littered with puddles, the drains overflowing and horribly repaired roadworks are already looking like the workmen get paid more for digging them up than they do for filling them properly back in !

But bearing in mind the hardship our friends in Florida and New Orleans have suffered at the hands of mother nature these past times, I think we in little ould Ireland have somewhat less to be worrying about weather-wise.

Especially when we have great emergency procedures and leaflets to abide by. Take a recent press release from the Irish Water Safety Council into consideration – not wanting to knock the IWSA at all you understand – one feels I would have been a little more comforted had their safety leaflet been put in a less “Watch out for the water now lads” kind of way …

The bit that tickled me was the, I’m sure well meaning but unfortunately phrased, piece of advice warning people to avoid flood water –> “Avoid Flood Water !” – this and being warned “Do not eat food that is floating in flood water”. I never could fully explain those urges to reach into the local river and scoff those ham sandwiches I saw floating by from time to time, until now !

The report does however throw up some useful pieces of information about what to do if you see someone “in trouble” in a flood or river situation … side stepping the seemingly contradictory heading “Call for help – but it will probably be too late”, I never knew that most cars which are unfortunate enough to plunge into deep water end up on their wheels and not nose down as I would have imagined.

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